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You may have heard that legendary actor Dick van Dyke has joined the cast of “Days of our Lives” for a short run.

DvD is 97 years old, so you’d think he was the oldest actor on the show. LOL. Not so. Bill Hayes, who’s 98. has been playing Doug Williams since 1970.

Pretty amazing. The reason DvD is on the show is because he works out at a Malibu gym. That’s where he met longtime “Days” star Drake Hogestyn, who plays John Black. van Dyke says he asked Hogestyn if he could get some work on his show! Haha! Why not? And you know. the strikes don’t effect soap actors. So van Dyke is safe.

Who does he play? SPOILER ALERT. He plays Hogestyn’s long lost father. His character, John Black, has had numerous fathers over the last almost 40 years. Fans have lost track by this time, and soaps rewrite history every day. Of course, the character could have taken a blood test or DNA sample, even gone on 23andMe. But now he’s going to call Rob Petrie “daddy.”

I had the pleasure of interviewing van Dyke a couple of years ago. He is a superstar. The Peacock soap opera is lucky to get him. Since we have no idea what streaming ratings are, we can only hope this helps the show’s numbers.

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