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“Yellowstone” fans have ramped up interest in their show– they must be missing it a lot.

Last week, “Yellowstone” Season 4 re-took the top spot on the home video sales chart. Released last November, Season 4 was number 1 among mostly movies for a week. It returned on January 22nd, then dropped down the chart. Now it’s back on top.

“Yellowstone” is such a hit that the knock offs are coming. NBC is filming a pilot called “Unbroken” starring Scott Bakula. The show will feature “three dynastic ranch families on the central coast of California [that] make love and war in a passionate struggle to survive, ultimately setting the stage for a group of fiercely determined young women to win big for all at the National Championship of Rodeo.”


I’m actually surprised there aren’t more contemporary westerns coming a la “Yellowstone.” This one apparently integrates a winery a la “Falcon Crest.” The problem is none of these will ever be as good as the Lorimar series of the 80s– “Dallas,” “Knots Landing,” and “Falcon Crest.” Michael Filerman, Leonard Katzman, and David Jacobs knew what they were doing when it came to pacing and characters.

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