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“General Hospital” star is so full of himself, it’s great. He just keeps digging his grave deeper.

In this new Insta post, Rademacher sort of apologizes to actress Cassandra James for his transphobic post, attacks “the left,” but doesn’t mention that he called a four star Admiral who is a transgender woman “a dude.” He doesn’t say Admiral Rachel Levine’s name once.

Rademacher says he’s obviously not transphobic because he left his male child wear a Disney princess dress around “the property.” (Where do they live? A sanitarium?)

Rademacher has been let go from “GH” for this and for not having a vaccination. He doesn’t comment on the latter. He obviously doesn’t care.

Everything he says makes things worse. No one wants to have a debate with him on these subjects. If he just shut his mouth it would be fine. He is so up his own ass, there’s nothing to do but send his character off to Borneo where it can be eaten by a wild wooly mammoth.

The soap opera continues…

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