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There’s an internal cliffhanger going on at ABC’s soap “General Hospital.” Two stars of the show may be on their way out.

Most likely to go is Australian Ingo Rademacher, who has been a vocal anti-vaccine advocate on Instagram. He is not vaccinated, doesn’t believe in it, and has not retreated from his position.On August 20th, when word got out about his feelings, Rademacher posted a video to Instagram in which he called his fans “Bigots” and “morons” for criticizing him. I said then that I thought he’d be fired.

This week on Instagram Rademacher reposted the viral video a woman being removed from a real hospital over her anti-vax beliefs. He’s since removed it, but Rademacher has two posts up on his Instagram Stories that I’ve reproduced here, plus a video from vehement anti-vaxxer Robert Kennedy Jr, who has lost his mind.

Rademacher has played Jasper Jax on “GH” for over 25 years, coming and going with breaks. In August he doubled down on his position, reposting a video from conservative hot head Joe Rogan.

There’s also word that Steve Burton, a “GH” lifer, may be leaving as well. He plays Jason Morgan, and has been back on the show for about five years after taking taking a five year break and jumping to “The Young and the Restless.” Burton tested positive for COVID this summer. It’s unclear if he has been vaccinated.

“General Hospital” has been a set with a lot of vaccination turmoil. Actress Nancy Lee Grahn, who also just celebrated her 25th anniversary with the show, more or less shamed ABC into mandating vaccines on the soap. It was Grahn who blew the whistle a few weeks ago that someone on the set wasn’t vaccinated and though she never named names, it was obviously Rademacher. Then on October 8th she wrote:

“I am very proud to work on the ONLY Daytime Soap that has required that all performers, staff and crew be vaccinated. @GeneralHospital continues to lead with integrity.” Late yesterday, Grahn, who is a really fearless activist in the best way, added:

“.@GeneralHospital still remains ONLY Daytime Serial to mandate vaccines. Kudos to the leadership of @valentinifrank @ABCNetwork & @DisneyStudios. Smart leaders listen to science & protect their employees. As of Nov 1st entry to #gh requires proper vaccine card. No exceptions.”
I guess I am naive. I am shocked that people are willing to risk their livelihoods and careers over getting a totally safe vaccine that will protect them from a deadly disease. Now they’re not only risking their personal health but their financial futures over hysteria based on garbage. This whole attitude of “you can’t tell me what to do” is the stance of a petulant child.
Of course, the irony of all this happening at “General Hospital” shouldn’t be lost on us. Maybe the actors are confused because they haven’t had one COVID patient admitted since the pandemic began. Illness at “GH” is fungible, and also fictional. Most diseases are never named, and terminal ones are only cured if contracts are successfully renegotiated. But the worst disease is Hubris, and even Dr. Hardy couldn’t solve that problem.


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