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Australian actor Ingo Rademacher wants to go into the career ER on “General Hospital.”

An anti-vaxx advocate, Rademacher has posted a Joe Rogan clip to Instagram claiming eseentially that the choice to die from COVID is the equivalent of “freedom.”

Rademacher obviously learned nothing a few days ago when he posted another video in which he called his fans “bigots” and “Morons.” He’s sticking to his guns. He won’t shut up, and he won’t recant. His castmates on “General Hospital” must be furious. Rademacher is burying his head in the sand. Three right wing radio personalities who were also anti-vaxx have died from COVID. The real ER’s around the country are filled with people who didn’t get the vaccine and are begging for it now. If they die they will not come back as their long lost twins (a typical soap opera plot). They will actually be dead.

I’m not sure how long ABC/Disney will put up with this. Rademacher’s character may soon disappear down a well or his plane may go down over the Pacific, no bodies found. But it’s unlikely he’ll stop. As I wrote last week, he gave interviews in the past indicating he didn’t believe in ANY vaccines, and his children may not have had the ones necessary to remain healthy in life. Terrible.

Rademacher writes next to this Rogan video:
“Make no mistake, this is the fight of our lives. The fight to have the freedom to choose. It has zero to do with your political beliefs or wether you’ve been vaccinated or not. 🇺🇸stand strong America!”

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