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Stop the presses!

Bruce Springsteen was ticketed for a DWI back in November. What was he doing? He was driving around Gateway National Park in Sandy Hook, New Jersey. The park is closed.

TMZ is delighting in this scoop. But it’s much ado about nothing. Bruce is human, he probably had cabin fever like everyone else. A closed parking lot is the perfect place to let off steam.

Did Jeep know about it? I’ve no doubt that Springsteen and management told the car marker and ad agency what happened before they taped their Super Bowl commercial. I doubt Jeep cares. What Bruce got caught for sounds like a Jeep thing to do, really.

More importantly, Bruce will be appearing virtually this weekend on Facebook Live for the Light of Day Foundation. He’s joining Joe Grushecky and special guests Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul. The date is Saturday. Here’s the link.

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