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Poor Barbara Broccoli. I could say she’s ‘steamed.’ But she’s too nice to make puns on her name.

Nevertheless, the beleaguered producer of the James Bond movie franchise is about to see the latest installment moved again.

“No Time to Die,” directed by Cary Fukunaga, I’ve confirmed independently is on its way from its April opening to November. Again. Is this deja vu all over again? Yes. Remember, “No Time to Die” was supposed to open in April 2020, then moved to November 2020, then to April 2021.

But theaters in New York and Los Angeles are closed, the pandemic is raging everywhere, and Billie Eilish– who recorded the title track– is a year or two older by now.

Why not stream it? MGM tried that, and offered it to the big guns, but no one wanted to pay $600 million for the rights.

Anyway, we want to see “No Time to Die” on big screens. No TVs. We can wait. Once the vaccine takes old under Biden, the theater business will come roaring back after Labor Day.

Meantime, MGM is for sale. They have no money. And this affects the Aretha Franklin biopic, “Respect,” set now for an August release. MGM has no money to promote it and launch an Oscar campaign. Warner Media should really step in now and buy the film from them. Most of Aretha’s classic catalog in the movie is on their Atlantic Records. Warner’s should just swoop and take this over, and let Jennifer Hudson get her 2022 Oscar. Please.


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