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This is pretty funny. Nellie Andreeva, the very good TV editor for Deadline.com, interviews “Grey’s Anatomy” showrunner every week about the drama. She always gets a scoop, and inadvertently has one tonight.

She asked Krista Vernoff if any more former cast members are scheduled to return for Meredith Grey’s beach dream sequences. (Meredith is in a coma from COVID, and so far Patrick Dempsey and TR Knight have returned after being killed off years ago.)

The answer from Vernoff: “The honest answer to that at this point is no, Nellie. I hope I have a different answer to that at some point soon.”

I did a spit- take when I read this response. So they got all into this coma thing with former cast members on the beach and now no one wants to do it? Sandra Oh? Katherine Heigl? Kate Burton? Justin Chambers? Eric Dane? No one? Kate Walsh? Well why not? They were treated so badly when they were let go, why would they come back? I don’t even know why Dempsey returned? The money for a guest shot isn’t so great. And who needs the publicity that badly?

Something tells me if Vernoff can’t find anymore beachcombers, Meredith Grey will awaken from her coma when the series picks up in a couple of months, brush off the sand, and get back to work!

PS Good work, Nellie!

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