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With the release tonight of “Evermore,” her ninth album, Taylor Swift will set sales records like crazy.

So far this year, Swift has sold 4.4 million records including CDs, downloads, and streaming. A solid 1.3 million of that is pure sales.

Half of that number — 2 million — is from “Folklore,” her surprise album from last spring. And half of that, 1.1 million, is from CDs and downloading.

With “Evermore,” Swift will exceed 5 million in sales for 2020. According to Buzz Angle, her 2019 album, “Lover,” has sold 3 million copies since its release in August 2019.

These are numbers from the recording industry from a decade or more ago. No one is selling anything like this now, or releasing so much consistent quality music.

Taylor’s top track right now from “Folklore” is called “Exile.”

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