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Donald Trump” His post-White House life will likely be in Florida, his new “home” since leaving New York. He’s not welcome in New York, and he knows it. In Bedminster, NJ or at Mar-a-Lago he can carry on his evil schemes.

But what about Melania and Barron? Most of the time they live in Bedminster, except when called upon for a photo op.  Baron goes to school, allegedly, at St. Andrew’s Episcopal School now in Potomac, Maryland. But with the pandemic–caused by his father– he’s no doubt doing remote and home schooling. He certainly can’t go back to New York and Columbia Prep and Grammar, although the school does go through 12 th Grade. With reported learning disabilities, Barron wouldn’t flourish in Manhattan and certainly not back in Trump Tower. Before the presidency, he was reportedly living on a separate floor from his parents with Melania’s parents.

But the Trumps don’t live in Washington, so it seems like Barron’s time at St. Andrew’s is effectively over. Sources are telling me it’s likely Melania and Barron will move to Mar-a-lago and his schooling will resume there. He could stay on remote learning this year with St. Andrew’s, which would give Melania time to find a school down south. She’s proven to be self-centered and tone deaf in public matters, but so far she’s been an attentive mother who’s not going to let her son out of her sight.

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