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David Geffen is very charitable, there’s no question about it. The man who gave us the Eagles, Linda Ronstadt, dated Cher, and put his name on Avery Fisher Hall has given away a lot of money. So why should he suffer? His Instagram account is closed, but it has 87,000 followers. A lot of them have re-posted his post card from the Grenadines, where he’s sitting out the virus on a yacht the size of Venezuela. I’m sure he has great company, he always brings the best guests. Long may he run! Remember, living well is the best revenge! No judgments! In fact, can I come? Where do I pick up the launch, or whatever they call it? Or do I just copter down onto the landing pad? From what I’ve read, they can accommodate 16 guests at least on the Rising Sun, and there’s a staff of 45.

In honor of David, a great new wave record from 1979 on Nick Lowe and Elvis Costello’s Radar Records:

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