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Box office update: “The Upside” directed by Neil Burger did much better than $19.5 million over the weekend. The Bryan Cranston-Kevin Hart remake of “The Intouchables” actually broke $20 million when all the chits were counted, bringing it to $20,355,000.

This is rather amazing since “The Upside” was fished out of the Weinstein Company bankruptcy. It premiered to standing ovations in Toronto in 2017.

The movie was a passion project for Harvey Weinstein, who released the original French film, than designed the American remake. Ironically, “The Upside” was the kind of hit that eluded Harvey, a full out comedy, not designed for the Oscars, but for big audiences. He’d been pursuing that for years.

Alas, “The Upside” got shelved after Weinstein’s sex scandals broke and the company went belly up. But STX rescued it, took Harvey’s name off the credits. and voila!

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