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Congratulations to all the smart guys who thought banning “Baby It’s Cold Outside” from the radio would kill it off.

No, the PC-Police (political correctness) have made a new hit out of Frank Loesser’s classic song, written in 1944.

The version sung by Dean Martin is now number 9 on iTunes. The sudden success is not because it’s actually cold outside. It’s because the idiots who boycott things turned “Baby It’s Cold Outside” in a cause celebre.

Members of the #MeToo mishegos decided that “Baby It’s Cold Outside” was really an attack by a predator who wouldn’t let a woman leave his apartment until he’d ravaged, or ravished (or radished) her. Whatever.

Loesser wrote the song so he and his wife could sing it parties in 1944 to get people to go home. A few years later it was used in the film “Neptune’s Daughter,” sung by Ricardo Montalban and Esther Williams, then comically by Red Skelton and Betty Garrett.

The Dean Martin version is from 1959. Loesser’s daughter Susan, now 74, told Inside Edition, the song was certainly not about date rape.

But the PR backfired, and now smooth old Dean has his first chart hit since the 1960s. The ex-Rat Packer and partner of Jerry Lewis had two number 1 hits in his career– “Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime” and the immortal “Memories Are Made of This” in the 1950s.




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