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Thanks to a clever reader who picked this up.

Police on Long Island — in real life– report that a man’s body has been found under the basement after 60 years. His adult children and grandchildren were excavating the basement and found his remains. It’s their father, and it looks like their mother– also deceased now– killed him back in 1960. The man had disappeared and no one knew his whereabouts.

On ABC’s “General Hospital” there’s almost an exact duplicate story line. A man disappeared, and was never found. The man’s daughter has always assumed mobsters did it. But in fact, her mom did it. They’ve got the remains, and the mom is about to get caught– maybe today, from what I’m told.

These things do happen– art prognosticates real life. In the 70s, on NBC’s “Another World,” a spurned woman had her whole house bugged to catch her cheating husband. Then weeks later, the Nixon tapes were revealed. The show’s rating’s went through the roof!

If only “GH” would write a storyline getting rid of Trump. And then it happens!

PS ABC was the first network to report the real life story– and “General Hospital” is on that network. Coincidence????

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