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TMZ is shilling for Kanye West, saying his political retreat has nothing to do with slumping sneakers sales.

But of course, it is the reason. TMZ has to help Kanye out since they were the ones who instigated his downfall with the “slavery is a choice” nonsense.

Sales of Kanye’s Yeeze Mauve 700 sneakers are apparently not good. They didn’t sell out upon release this week. There are plenty of them. Everywhere.

I looked online– they are dark pink sneakers, look like New Balance or whatever, and cost at least $600. Who has the money for this?

At least Kanye’s prior designs were downright weird and ugly. These are just, sneakers.

Anyway, all sizes are available at a site called StadiumGoods.com. They’re marked down to $440. Just wait a few days. When they get to $200, I will buy a pair. I don’t want Kanye homeless in Calabasas!

TMZ, if you’re getting into retail sales reports, let’s see some numbers, not just opinions. How many TMZ pundits will be sporting free Yeezy’s on the next show?

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