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And the winner is… Netflix. Of course.

Netflix has announced it’s going to air Bruce Springsteen’s “Springsteen on Broadway” on December 15th, the same night the Boss closes his extraordinary run of 236 performances. “Springsteen on Broadway” began previews and opened in October 2017.

There was a lot of speculation about who would be the winner of this plum. HBO was the obvious choice. But Netflix is willing to spend more than anyone on anything right now, so they’re the unsurprising winner.

Springsteen has averaged $2.4 million a week since opening on Broadway and should continue that way right til the end. His manager, Jon Landau, produces the show. Without much overhead– there’s no set to speak of, and no other frills– Springsteen and Landau are basically renting the theater. Their expenses are minimal. So “SOB” has been a superb money maker. You can bet down the line there will be a DVD and CD release of the show.

If you can get in to see Bruce on Broadway, meantime, it’s well worth it, a once in a lifetime opportunity.

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