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“Black Panther” scored another record yesterday: second biggest Sunday ever. Ryan Coogler’s blockbuster took in $60.1 million, probably because Saturday night results were suppressed by bad weather in so many places. “BP” just missed the Sunday record by about $400K, held by “The Force Awakens.”

The three day weekend will come in around $202 million. The four day weekend could get up to $235 million. That will make it respectively 5th place for the former, 3rd place for the latter. “Black Panther” is the biggest Marvel movie, and biggest comic book movie (if you don’t count the “Star Wars” series).

Final numbers will be in tomorrow.

Needless to say, sequels are coming. There are many reports that Coogler doesn’t have a contract for a sequel, but that’s always the case with these franchise movies and not a big story. Patty Jenkins was in the same situation with “Wonder Woman.”

Don’t worry, Coogler will be back for one if not two more “Panthers.” The great treat will be seeing all the other terrific black actors out there getting  cameos, villains, etc. as the series progresses. It’s about time, too.

Meantime, the soundtrack CD, which sold 156K copies in its first week, has slowed down over the weekend. Interscope only moved about 25K copies on Friday and Saturday. We’ll see how it does this week…

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