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New Zealand pop singer Lorde is having some political issues. She stupidly canceled her June 2018 concert in Tel Aviv, bowing to pressure from BDS (Big Dumb Shits), the Roger Waters-backed group that boycotts performances in Israel. Journalist Amy Spiro broke the story earlier today, which set off a firestorm. Since then, Lorde has been silent on social media.

Here’s Spiro’s post:

Lorde’s message obviously wasn’t thought through. It’s also not clear how well advised or knowledgeable the 21 year old is about the situation. Roger Waters of Pink Floyd has been the most vocal rock star in boycotting Israel. He’s encouraged others to do the same but luckily few have endorsed such a stupid plan. What Waters and his followers don’t seem to get is that boycotts against Israel simply further anti-Semitism at every level. It doesn’t do a thing to bring peace or understanding to the middle East.

Lorde’s real name is Ella Yelich O’Connor. She’s currently nominated for a Grammy Award for Album of the Year for “Melodrama.” What she may not realize is that her decision will not be met with approval by the people working to make her a star in the U.S., Jewish or not. So stay tuned…

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