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Time Magazine has named its Persons of the Year the women from the #MeToo movement, which is very nice and politically correct.

But among the women featured on the cover and insider representing pop music is none other than Taylor Swift, who won a case against a photographer who she said grabbed her butt.

In doing so, Time ignored Kesha, the singer who claimed rape against her music producer, risked her career and her own reputation to speak up, and then made a great album that addressed the subject head on. Kesha caused her own movement among other singers and her fans.

Swift, meanwhile, put out a whole album about ex boyfriends and covered “I’m Too Sexy.”

Was it just that Swift is higher profile than Kesha and would sell more magazines? Uh, yes. Somehow, in the end, Kesha’s ordeal became all about Taylor Swift.

Also, somehow Gretchen Carlson, who started everything at Fox News, is MIA. Instead, we get a picture of Megyn Kelly, who has nothing to do with anything. Carlson was the warrior who overturned Fox News, got Roger Ailes fired, Bill O’Reilly fired, and revealed the gory insides of Fair and Balanced. Yet for some reason Kelly got the attention.

Strange stuff. And oh yeah, Donald Trump is runner up.



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