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Remember Glenn Thrush? In Melissa McCarthy’s famous Emmy winning “SNL” sketch as Sean Spicer, McCarthy– as the then White House press secretary– cried: “Everyone here hates Glenn Thrush.”

Now Vox has broken a story about charges of sexual harassment against Thrush, and the Times has suspended him pending review. Thrush may have known this was in the works. He ignominiously closed his Twitter account two months ago, on September 19th, after running to a lot of flack.

Thrush is also best known as the best friend at the Times of Maggie Haberman, who is often a Trump apologist to get in the president’s good graces.

Spicer, Sarah Huckster Sanders, and Trump himself, maybe even The Mooch are probably raising a glass of Champagne right now. This is a black eye for the Times at the moment it’s least needed.

Take a look back at Melissa McCarthy and Bobby Moynihan. Prescient, no?


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