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The last time anyone saw nutty Sheila Carter on CBS’s Bold and the Beautiful was at least a decade ago. It’s hard to follow, but she had plastic surgery to look like someone else…or you know, whatever.

The last time anyone saw the actress who played Sheila, Kimberlin Brown, was last summer. She spoke at the Republican National Convention for Donald Trump. She was one of his handful of D list celebrity supporters like Scott Baio.

So what a surprise to see Sheila aka Kimberlin back on “Bold and the Beautiful” last Friday with her original face. Not only did soap fans think she was gone for good, but political observers would have guessed the same.

That’s because Bradley Bell, who owns and writes the soap, is a huge Democratic fundraiser, Obama and Clinton supporter. So is wife Colleen, who had an ambassadorship under Obama. She was named US ambassador to Hungary from January 2015- January 2017. The Bells are also very close to fellow Obama/Clinton fundraisers Netflix chief Ted Sarandos and his wife Nicole Avant. They’re so close that Bell named a whole family on the show after Avant’s.

But it’s all about ratings. And the surprise return of a long vanquished villain is catnip to soap opera– no matter who she supported in the election. The White House now is certainly a daytime drama. And this will give the Oval Office something to watch while Sean Spicer does his daily briefing!

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