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The antipathy toward Harry Styles is remarkable. I don’t get it. But after seeing him last night on “SNL” I’ll say this– he seems like he’s a good little actor. Pop star? Meh.

After Harry’s lackluster performance last night, “Sign of the Times” went up the charts to number…9. NINE. Not 1. Lady Gaga swooped in and took the top position from nowhere. “Sign of the Times” is a weird dud. It sits there like a lox. Better lyrics would have helped. Five songwriters and no story in the words. After two minutes, you’re done.

Anyway: hitsdailydouble.com reports that Harry sold half as many singles in his debut week as Zayn Malik did with “Pillowtalk.” Whoops! Zayn– who has stage fright, among other problems– and left One Direction in an ambush. That Zayn.

Meantime, Harry has to deal with stealing part of Badfinger’s “Baby Blue” for a new song he sang last night on “SNL.” It was so blatant– not funny. Can’t wait to hear the rest of that new album on May 12th.

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