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Surprise! Not. The Emmy Awards are on CBS next September, so the host will be…Stephen Colbert, CBS’s talk show star.

Their other talk show star, James Corden, is hosting the Grammy Awards next month.

NBC’s Jimmy Fallon just hosted the Golden Globes on NBC. Jimmy Kimmel, of ABC, will host the Academy Awards on…ABC.

So far, Seth Meyers is the only late night host who hasn’t gotten a show yet. But if NBC can dig one up, he’ll get it.

What we won’t see for the time being are awards shows hosted by anyone other than a same-network employee. It’s hard to imagine that NBC’s Johnny Carson once guided the Oscars.

What’s next? A Corden return to the Tony Awards in June on CBS. Well, it’s not like we’d object. As late night hosts have become song and dance men (Fallon and Corden are incredible multi-taskers in that regard) old go to hosts like Hugh Jackman and Neil Patrick Harris are finding their jobs taken.

I love Colbert (actually, all of these guys are top notch). But he does seem like too erudite a choice for the Emmys. I doubt he watches much prime time TV. But he’s got months and months to bone up.

And then, of course, he’ll be hosting the next Kennedy Center Honors for CBS in December. That is, if the Center holds and anyone will accept an honor. But that’s another story.

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