The new bosses at Fox are same as the old ones. The Murdoch brothers are sticking to their doddering dad’s game plan and doubling down on Donald Trump.

According to reports, they’re letting go of George Will, Marvin Kalb, Cal Thomas and Ed Rollins. Will especially was quite critical of Trump during the presidential campaign and regularly clashed with Bill O’Reilly. Kalb is 86, and a seasoned vet. His older brother, Bernard Kalb, also a journalist, is still active. He’s 94.

Also leaving Fox: Damon Dash’s nutty cousin, actress Stacy Dash, who positioned herself as a black person who was right wing and who Fox viewers could hate. Stacy’s main credit is appearing in the film “Clueless,” a title that came to define her.

At the same time, the Murdochs have hired crazy Brit Nigel Farage, the politician who promoted Brexit and helped England turn into a backward country separated from the world.

Little by little, all of Batman’s villains and enemies are gathering together. Gotham City is in trouble, kids.

Farage isn’t the only former conservative British politician on Murdoch’s payroll. He’s still got Louise Mensch, an MP from 2010-12, working in New York. Mensch was hired to start the website But after months and months of crazed anti-Trump pro-Hillary Tweeting, Mensch– who apparently didn’t understand what was going on– was unofficially demoted. She is still vigorously Tweeting from somewhere in 1211 Sixth Avenue, raging against Putin and Trump seemingly unaware that they’re on the payroll too.

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