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Today in Florida the bereaved family of Christina Grimmie has filed suit against concert promoter AEGLive SE and the Orlando Philharmonic. Grimmie, 22, a singer from “The Voice” whose star was rising fast, was murdered in cold blood last June 10th by a crazed fan while she signed autographs following a performance at Orlando’s Plaza Live Theater. The killer, who committed suicide, was identified as Kevin James Loibl, 27.

The suit was filed by Grimmie’s estate including her parents and brother. The defendants listed are AEG Live and the Orlando Philharmonic, owner of Plaza Live Theater.

The complaint claims that the promoters had no metal detectors and didn’t perform body pat downs to prevent fans from bringing weapons into the facility. They just performed cursory bag inspections. Loibl was thus able to bring in two Glock handguns, two full magazines of bullets, and a large hunting knife. Loibl shot Christina three times before being subdued by her brother. Loibl killed himself on the spot. Grimmie died later at the hospital.

Christina Grimmie was on the fast track to a great career. She was managed by Selena Gomez’s mother, who’d seen her performing on YouTube. The suit details her rapid rise, and how her parents and brother went to work for her in establishing and maintaining the career.

The lawsuit claims that in the past, the Orlando Philharmonic and its security team have used metal detectors and body pat downs for events, but this time, for some reason, did not. The complaint points out that 40% of Florida households contain at least one firearm.

If the lack of security turns out to be true, it’s pretty shocking. Just last night at Jazz at Lincoln Center, we were wanded and sent through a metal detector for the premiere of Denzel Washington’s “Fences.” It’s unfortunately a common occurrence these days.

The Grimmies’ suit was filed by Brian D. Caplan of Reitler, Kailas and Rosenblatt, in New York.



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