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Scientology scored some big points today at NewsCorp and 21st Century Fox. Maybe they’re all joining the cult now that Roger Ailes is gone.

The Post has a feature today titled “Scientology Made Michael Pena a Better Actor.” It’s a statement, and it’s not question. The article comes from The Guardian UK, one of the worst of the worst British “publications.” I hope the author of the piece, Jessica Sager, was remunerated nicely for her PR.

Fox News, the Post’s sister conspirator, picked up the story and now it’s on Yahoo News.

Sager writes: Peña says he dismisses any gossip about the controversial religion. “I don’t read that stuff,” he sniffed.

He’s dumber than I thought. For starters, Pena, trying the book and the documentary “Going Clear,” then read Leah Remini’s book. After that you’ve only got to Google “Scientology- cult- complaints-lawsuits” to get going. Or ask fellow showbiz types Paul Haggis, Remini, Jason Beghe, and so on why they left. Or ask Jenna Miscavige, the niece of your exalted leader.

As for the Post, Fox News, the Guardian, and most importantly Sager– shame on you.

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