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UPDATE The total was actually $191.2 million. Just in case you were worried.

EARLIER “Avengers: Age of Ultron” is now the second biggest opening weekend ever with $187.6 million. That’s roughly 7 times what the rest of the top 10 movies. combined, brought in this week. Everyone went to this one movie. Will there be anyone to see it this week? Who knows? That’s a lot of dough. Still, it wasn’t as much as the first “Avengers” movie. The original made $207 million its first weekend. That was three years ago. Who would have thought– I often say this– that those 12 cents comics we were buying in 1968 would turn out to be such popular movies? I, for one, cannot imagine sitting through the re-telling of Peter Parker’s back story one more time.  I hope Stan Lee is living in the most amazing castle somewhere. God bless.



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