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Lady Gaga and her loyal manager Troy Carter are over. The reason is “creative differences.” Carter literally created Gaga’s career in 2007, got her a multi zillion dollar deal at Interscope, and helped hatch her from that egg she appears in. I am told by friends that Carter was cut out of the ARTPop album campaign. and that Gaga has refused advice. “She doesn’t take direction anymore,” a source told me.

troy carterThis all culminated in last night’s train wreck of an appearance at the YouTube Awards. Millions of people tuned out as Gaga appeared in darkness singing a terrible ballad called “Dope.” It’s one of three songs on ARTPop with references to drugs, not smart for her young audience. As well, Gaga apparently left a couple of what I’m told were “great” songs off ARTPop that could have been hits. (One of them was a song I featured here a few months ago, a duet with Cher.)

But this is what happens when a “star” believes they are too big to take guidance. What a shame. Carter manages John Legend and other artists, so he will be fine. Gaga, however, has problems on the horizon. Last night’s outing was a nightmare. She cried and carried on, and even her most fanatic fans didn’t know what was going on. “ARTPop” is released in one week– November 11th. It’s had a flurry of leaked singles but no focus or direction. Remember how clear the “Born this Way”  campaign was? “ARTPop” is all over the place. And that may be reflected in its initial sales.

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  1. GaGa is trash. Her over the top performances and behavior are not entertaining. She is not a musician, but an entertainer of other trash minded people.

  2. I don’t get what the big deal is about? She’ll get a new manager! Artists don’t stick with the same manager for life, and now that she’s come so far in her career she needs to take her own decisions. It’s not good when an artist is ruled too much by their manager, it destroys their own creativity. I’ve worked in the music industry so I know how it is.

    I mean look at poor Miley Cyrus! You think getting stripped down to almost nothing and singing about “Molly” was HER idea? Of course not, she can say all she wants that “this is who I really am” but it’s really just all about what her record label and manager decide. They want her to sell, and frankly, country music doesn’t sell as much as a young girl who sings pop/hiphop music. Taylor Swift is headed towards that direction too.

    Remeber Christina Aguilera’s album Stripped? When she released it she said that she finally could “open up” and “be who she really is and not being that innocent little girl anymore” blah blah. Now, she says that she never really liked doing what she did on that album, because the RECORD LABEL and her former MANAGER wanted her to have that sound and to be more “naughty” to sell better.

    Sure, Lady Gaga is nude on the cover of ARTPOP and she likes to show her skin in public, but in my opinion, she really is doing it in an artistic way. Madonna did the same and she’s still a huge artist today.

  3. Filthy melodrama. It doesn’t take much to impress some people.
    There used to be circuses with freak shows. Tawdry & appealing only to scum. Now these people are idolized. The mediocre & half flash enjoyed by the tasteless.
    Those that think she’s talented really do need to find out what talent truly is. Not just something new & shocking that targets people with single issue concerns.

  4. It’s time to stop over-reporting on celebrities and focus on real issues. Oh, wait, I forgot: American’s aren’t interested in real issues.

  5. Yah she’s going to be fine. OK here’s the situation.

    Notice says no insurance 1-2014 because Obama mandates coverage for 55 yr old male and wife to include OBGYN care and Psychiatric Care to mandate that Psych Meds be prescribed without any test and to include Psychiatric cocktails subscriptions. I’ve looked into these. Most have those Black Box warnings saying ‘can cause suicidal and homicidal ideation. I was warned by a Doctor previously responsible for my heart condition and whom I feel really has kept a watch for me
    as a physician that those Big Pharma visits to Obama’s office early in the ACA legislation explain why this was included but not sure what the full explanation is yet

    Teen if I don’t subscribe by 1-2014 I pay a penalty even though there’s no way to sign up. And if I want that money back from the IRS I have to hire an authorized Lawyer whose association sponsored ObamaCare

    Yah, I feel like I’ve just got mixed up with the Mafia

  6. I can’t wait for her to show up at an awards event smeared with human feces. Step it up Gaga, why are you just phoning it in these days baby?

  7. I think watching the corporations try to continue to sell this sub Gong Show act is jaw-dropping. Know she can’t sell out a tour, but maybe the estab will still try to keep her afloat. A truly artless act. Lol.

  8. Hey Roger – just wanted to tell you that ONLY THE STRONG SURVIVE is one of the greatest music documentaries of all time! And with me, it’s a solid #1. Something to be truly proud of.

  9. The young and untrained need guidance. An established artist that needs guidance is an incompetent pretender. If you yourself are unable to create worthy art on your own, you are not an artist. If you require assistance to make art, you are either a student or merely a tool in the process.

  10. she is pulling a miley cyrus and trying to break out of her madonna rip off schtick. haven’t heard the album but if it doesn’t have any hits then she would be pulling a kelly clarkson as well.

  11. Was always a hugely over-rated artist. Constantly informing us of her writing skills yet if you check her album credits it takes herself plus a team of 8 other people to write one of ‘her’ songs. It’s most likely her only writing contributions are the mutterings of “ga ga bla bla bla ra ra” and the likes. Not to mention that bith Aura and Venus are complete cover versions with her new lyrics placed over the original song (look it up). Also Holiday… I mean “Fashion” sounds very familiar :/

  12. She is doing what many people complain that her and her peers never do. A raw performance without soundtracks, dancer’s, expensive props. The people making money off of her have planted these stories, giver her credit for performing like a serious musician for once, not a styled up Disney graduate. Damned if you do (Miley) Damned if you don’t (ga ga). Don’t let the media shape your thoughts, they have an agenda and ties to the puppet masters.

  13. The writing was on the wall long ago when she had to cancel her Born This Way Tour due to low sales, not hip surgery. She was seen partying days after the cancellation c’mon now (check the youtube empty stadium clips all over the world). She’s been over for a long time now. Novelty acts have a short shelf life.

  14. Hey Lady G, would you wake up and use your position as a celebrity to inform your fans to the fact that your Govt increased our National Deficit by $409 Billion in the month of October alone. Do you desire to continue being a Super-Star? If so, You’d be well served by doing your part to inform yourself, and then your listeners. Because, to be quite honest with you, which I would assume is what you’d prefer, I really don’t give a S**T about your managerial problems. If the Fed and Wall street decide to clean their books, and you haven’t hedged with precious metals, by the end of the first quarter of 2014, you could be living next door to me… and eating the steak off of that out-fit you were wearing at that awards show…

  15. She is a pretentious hack with little talent beyond an aptitude for wearing many wigs. Continually contrived appearances in fake hair do not make anyone an important artist. “Look at me! I wear a different wig every time I appear in public!” Big deal. This barely makes her a drag queen. And she looks like a rodent. Her appearance on the You Tube Awards Show was one of the most dreadfully awful, overwrought songs and performances in the history of pop music. Seriously.

  16. … and how quickly they turn …

    This is maybe the 3rd time I’ve heard Lady Gaga’s performance on the YouTube Awards as being “terrible”. I can’t stand that cheap synthetic pre-recorded techno glam that grants easy profits – I was gleeful to see Lady Gaga fail (as the media announced she had) but “NO”, it was an amazing performance showcasing a woman that can SING. I was left asking, “Why doesn’t she always sing to original music on real instruments?” … so I don’t understand the hatred she’s getting for the YouTube thing.

    The only thing I can imagine is that her manager & (who is it) Interscope/Geffen Records is trying to bury her as she moves on. Hell, for all I know this news report is fabricated just to bring attention to the YouTube Awards. Maybe it’s just Lady Gaga being self-promotional? I don’t know … but I do know the performance changed my mind about her. The only thing “terrible” about it was being part of the god-awful YouTube garbage.

  17. Yeah i really dont feel sorry for lady gag reflex at all. Wont lose sleep over it, she is a hack and is not very good. Ive seen it all before growing up under material girl.

  18. Let’s wait and see what the album sells when it’s released. I remember Madonna splitting with her manager and people saying the same things years ago. Lady GaGa will sell out every concert she does because she’s a great performing artist. Why she split w/Troy Carter is speculation att his point and nothing more

  19. Predictably, shock artists lose their pizazz and their thing is simply in-your-face eccentricity that doesn’t entertain. Who needs to put up with their prima donna antics at this point? Nature of the business–move on.

  20. Maybe she didnt like being the celebrity spokesperson for an absurdity like gay “marriage”. She might think its not too late to redeem herself.

  21. I think her and her disco music have been ridiculously overrated from the get-go. You’re just seeing what happens when a completely manufactured pop star loses the infrastructure that is responsible for the success of the product.

  22. I don’t remember the year the last time I bought music. Want to see the video? Watch it. Want to hear others? Play it. I remember those days of taking my money and riding my bicycle to the music shop to buy a 45. Buying a whole album for one or two songs. I will add she is an idiot for dropping that manager. You can’t do that industry alone. I don’t know anything about the industry but I do know that much.

  23. Who cares? She’s a devil-worshipping, possessed freak anyhow who corrupts the youth and spreads dangerous symbolism in line with the wishes of her darker masters. I hope she vanishes into obscurity, haunted by her poor and selfish decisions.

  24. Gaga is pretty much showing signs of running out of creativity or gas or both. This nude thing she has going on is real telling. Is this the best she can do to attract attention? It is a dead-end road, there is only so much you can take off. If she is adiosing Carter because she feels she can do it herself better than she’s possibly in big trouble. If she is axing Carter for somebody else than that pick will be critical. She may not be up to the task of the pick. We’ll see. In the Internet connected world, careers are made quickly but they also die fast.

  25. what is this biased dribble? i can’t stand these editorials that try to pass themselves off as journalistic attempts when they’re ripe with oddly directed vendetta. get over yourself.

  26. I guess there are people who care about this, but I’m not sure why. Could anyone be less relevant in life than this woman with a fantastic body, but with a face that would stop a clock?

  27. Stephanie Germanatta, AKA, Lady Gaga is headed down a bad path. Her fun, highly creative outfits have given way to strange face painting that makes her look like a patient in a mental institution. This isn’t creative – it’s strange and uncomfortable. Her twitter war with Perez Hilton suggests she’s too thin-skinned for an A-list artist. The irony is, Gaga is a genuinely talented vocalist and unlike so many of her contemporaries, doesn’t need Auto-Tune to keep her voice on key. The girl can sing. But like so many talented vocalists who have come (and gone) before her, Gaga is her own worst enemy. If I were her BFF, I would tell her to apologize to Troy Carter and rehire him as her manager. Furthermore, she should listen to his career advice before she becomes an industry joke.

  28. 1). It’s “ARTPOP” – not “ARTPop”. 2). Why let someone else rule the artist? It’s up to the artist what creative direction they want to go in. 3). I take it that you’re referring to the song that was supposed to be on Cher’s album which featured Lady Gaga. HAVE YOU HEARD IT? Gaga’s fans, including myself, would not allow that on any album. It was so auto-tuned on Cher’s part. Get your facts correct first. Please.

  29. Ga Ga is a train wreck… She has a couple of tunes I like, so I just listen to the music, she is unwatchable… lets say she’s not a performer I would pay to see live.

    She will either end up dead, get so caught up in the hype she stops writing good music, or grows up gets sane, marries a banker, has a couple kids and keeps writing good music… Madge went through her phase and seems to have ended up OK..

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