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You want press for your nominees list? Release it at 4pm. You want to hide it and keep it out of newspapers, let alone web reporter who are awake>? How about midnight? The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame put out its list of possible inductees after midnight this morning because it is so freaking embarassing they’d rather not discuss it. It’s a pathetic selection that includes rap groups Public Enemy and NWA, followed by mediocre (to say the least) rockers Deep Purple and Rush (I didn’t think this was possible).

Many of the nominees were already on the short list as recently as last year including the late Donna Summer (disco), Chic, and Heart.

The only people who should make it from the list are singer-songwriter Randy Newman and original Motown group the Marvelettes.

Paul Butterfield Blues Band is a nice idea, however odd at this point.

But not on the list, and far more worthy are Sting (individual artist), Bon Jovi, Chicago, Hall & Oates, the Moody Blues, the late Mary Wells and the late Billy Preston. Female pop stars Carly Simon and Linda Ronstadt are also missing. Cyndi Lauper would have been appropriate. How about a true original and influence like George Clinton? or the Eurythmics? Or if you’re so into rap, how about Kurtis Blow, or the Sugarhill Gang, the original rappers?

But at this point, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is a joke. They’ve painted themselves into a corner by skipping almost completely over the 1970s and then starting to include rap groups who sampled rock and roll had no absolutely no influence over anything. At least Nile Rodgers and Chic have had a worldwide influence with songs like “We Are Family” and “Good Times.”

But I dare you to name a “song” by Public Enemy or NWA (can you remember what this stood for? The N is a play on the N word.) Chuck D from Public Enemy is a nice guy, but really…

This is what Joel Peresman, who runs the Rock and Roll Hall Fame Foundation here in New York, gets a salary of $400,000 a year for. To come up with these names.

The other names are Joan Jett, Kraftwerk, the Meters (sort of New Orleans R&B– and a good vote), Procol Harum (beloved for one hit–“Whiter Shade of Pale”), and blues artist Albert King.

Rush? Rush? Can Kansas and Styx be far behind?

Jann Wenner must be hanging from a chandelier. This group, no matter how it turns out, will not be selling seats next March at the Waldorf Astoria.

But the fact is, this thing is over. The original purpose of the Hall of Fame was long ago achieved. Early rockers, British invasion, singer songwriters, early R&B, the people who invented rock and roll–they’re mostly in. Only Chubby Checker and Bill Haley and the Comets have been locked out.

Sad, sad, sad.

Oh yeah: who would I choose from this miserable collection? The Meters, Randy Newman, Paul Butterfield, Chic, and Joan Jett.

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  1. Apparently Roger Friedman is new to the game of rock and roll and has no clue, not an iota of what Rush means to progressive rock and rock in general. One of the most venerable and gifted bands of all-time with a catalogue of great music that spans generations and decades. Why and how an individual with no credentials or sense is capable of making judgments of this nature about Rush the band and his choices of who or who should not be in the Hall is beyond comprehension. Heart and Deep Purple deserve nominations and Summer will get in despite the Disco tag but to dismiss Rush is admitting that this ‘idiot’ is tone def and probably downloads Beiber and Brittney Spears. Fifty lashes should be the minimal punishment.

  2. Way to troll for hits… How much ad revenue did you gobble up by baiting Rush fans to come to this laughably bad blog to cyber-bitch smack you? I suppose you’re laughing all the way to the bank… But the true cost to you is the loss of credibility you will suffer as a result. You have shown such profound ignorance about Rush’s influence that I can’t imagine who could possibly ever take you seriously as a journalist… Or even some snot-nosed blogger. You are a troll. Nothing more.

  3. You Rush fans are right on the money. In my opinion though, the RnR Hall of Fame has been a farce for quite sometime. Do you really want a band you admire to fall into an area of such incongruity? It is NOT an honor to be inducted as I view it.

  4. Sorry Roger – You are a first class IDIOT.

    Your comments towards Rush only assist in illustrating your ignorance. Look at the stats, the sales, the tours, the history, their musicianship, their growth, their music and their unbridled drive to better themselves and you cannot deny that Rush is fully deserved of recognition for their unmatched achievements in Music. UNMATCHED. There is no other band that has done and continues to do what they do.
    Your comments are inaccurate, uninformed and incorrect.

    Rush Nominated to Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?
    It’s long overdue.
    But in reality – who cares?
    Rush certainly don’t. Their entire careers have soared without entering the mainstream. It’s not going to change who and what they are now.
    Rush have already been in their throngs of loyal fan’s personal Halls of Fame for years.

    Get a clue dude. Your article makes you look like a moron.

  5. Roger – you’re a joke. Rush hasn’t influenced anything or anyone? Really? You are quite incorrect!

    They influenced me! THEY are THE reason I picked up a pair of drum sticks. THEY ignited my love of music. THEY have been creating new music for longer than I have been alive, and longer than most marriages last.

    You’re right – they’re terrible. Probably should never play again. Definitely shouldn’t be celebrating another successful record and tour.

    Are they for everyone? No. But that’s what is so great about music. You don’t have to particularly like it to recognize the significance of it. I’m not a rap fan, but I recognize that groups like NWA launched the “gangsta rap” genre, and influenced artists like Eminem, Snoop, and countless others. AGain, not my style, but I respect them as artists.

    If you had an ounce of intelligence you’d recognize Rush as being some of the BEST at what they do. And here’s the thing – they continue to strive to be better! What a GREAT message that is to people. NO matter how good you are – you can always improve! Always strive to be more.

    But to you sir, I guess “All I can do is wish you well”.

    (My fellow Rush fans – you know where that came from)

  6. Ok, Jim up there, settle down…clearly Rush have been influenced by Led Zep, Yes, The Police…they readily cop to it, so that was just a dumb statement.
    As for the Chili Peppers, an even more idiotic tale from you…pioneered being funk + punk + rock + pop, & Frusciante & Flea are two of the best on their instruments. & for some perspective, if not for the RHCP manager, Rush may not have gotten in OR be here today, since he joined the nomination committee last year, AND signed the band in 1974.

  7. Your an idiot and shouldn’t have a commontary on music .This article sucks,the writer is ill informed.Deep Purple was one of the biggest bands of the 70s and sold a lot of records,tickets etc and pioneered a prog -neo classical metal style still heard today, Randy Newman sang ” Short People”. The world
    needs ditchdiggers too– do what you are qualified for , stay away from writing

  8. Toby, Chic *did* record “We Are Family”, in fact they wrote it, & gave it to Sister Sledge. Chic were basically the house band for all the best disco…

  9. Roger,

    In regards to your rush comment,

    One day your will hear a loud noise, and then everything will be okay for you afterwards.

    That will be the sound of your head popping out of your ass.



  10. Oh Roger…You’re way off base on this one. That’s fine if you don’t like Rush, but their influence has been profound. The list of musicians and artists that they’ve influenced is littered with bands that even the so-called tastemakers admire. Oh and how many bands, 40 years into their career are still making great music and selling out arenas? As Billy Corgan said, “It doesn’t matter what the critics think, because Rock is a people’s game and the people have consistently voted for Rush”.

  11. what an ignorant jerkoff u are roger…u dont have to like rush, but to dismiss their talent is ridiuclous…they are gods as musicians, musically and lyrically there are the smartest band to ever grace a stage…read some of their lyrics to understand what u are criticizing, especially check out a song called Witch Hunt off of Moving Pictures…it fits you perfectly

  12. I hope Jann Wenner is hanging from a chandelier, invoking that name tells me all that I need to know about your music “credentials”. Seen Wolverine lately?

  13. > Roger Friedman wrote:
    > Rush has influenced nothing but long hair styles.

    I doubt you’re that ignorant, so I assume you’re just attempting to increase your page hits. Either way, you just diminished your credibility.

  14. Roger, Rush has influnced more musicians (And great ones at that, ones that occupy the RRHF) than 99% of the bands out there…You are either NOT a musician (Which gives you no cred, and you shouldnt writing on the subject) or a very mediocre one yourself… Anybody that says artists like Hall & Oates should be in the RRHF over a band like rush is a fool, and not worthy of the bandwidth they care occupying…

  15. Roger. You certainly can not like a certain artist, but how can you possibly say Rush does not belong in the HOF? You want Joan Jett over Rush? That statement alone is probably laughed at by anyone not named Joan Jett. To repeat a previous post, they have 24 Gold records and 14 Platinum (3 multi) records. Their 19th studio album debuted at #2 on the Billboard 200. Neil Peart is consistently ranked as one of the greatest drummers of all time. Lifeson is always mentioned as one of the better guitar players on the planet, and Geddy is a pretty amazing bass player. Almost anyone who plays drums or bass, looks up to Peart and Lee as tops in their field. Most guitarists, I’m sure, admire Lifeson’s speed and complex arrangements. By your opinion on Rush, I’m guessing you have never picked up a musical instrument, let alone played one. I agree with you on some of the other omissions, but if an artist like Chic or Joan Jett make it in over Rush, the HOF will remain the joke that it is.

  16. I apologize Roger. I should have read your article first. Clearly you have NO clue as to what Rock & Roll is, judging by who you think should be in the RRHF. Maybe I should have suggested your study material be: “learn the genres of music in general”. BTW, that chicken sandwich…. it’s not actually a “hamburger”. :)

  17. Roger, go do your homework and come back to the discussion. For study material I highly recommend the RUSH documentary “Beyond The Lighted Stage”. You’ll see members of Smashing Pumpkins, NIN, Rage Against the Machine, Death Cab For Cutie, Foo Fighters and MANY others who admit RUSH was a HUGE influence on them. Just because you failed your Menudo audition doesn’t mean you have to take it out on bands that are long overdue for credit by the RRHF.

  18. There are few things more nauseating than a know-it-all condescending “critic”, who doesn’t have a freaking clue, lol. Roger, are you aware that Rush is touring right NOW? Their average crowd is over 10,000 people per show, with no opening act. Last year they played Madison Square Garden and sold out the big arena in Cleveland, near the Hall of Fame. Your statement that Rush has influenced nothing but long hair styles is both uninformed and downright bizarre. There are people who are a hell of a lot more talented than you are, who seem to think Rush is a good band. Their supporters include many famous musicians, including people who are IN the Hall of Fame…

  19. HI Roger. I am curious to know if you actually ever looked at a Rush album.Is that why you guys have a hate for Rush, Maybe its the long hair and the jewish background. What do you think Roger. DO you actually have any sense of what tasteful music sounds like. I dont think you can name more than 3 albums of Rush . I am not going to be rude like some others who wont write on here but i am trying to understand your idiology. Maybe the early albums turned you off, fair enough but maybe you should listen to the other 17 albums. Have a search on you tube to see how many young kids are turned to appreciate great music and are becoming great musicians and future artists. I would like to know what music you listen too.

  20. Roger, I agree that the Hall is a joke. Too many pop acts included and too many influential rock acts excluded. I doubt I have ever read a year’s list of Hall nominees without wondering who these mysterious and clearly misguided people are who manage this process. But when you say that Rush has influenced nothing but long hair styles then you are either being intentionally disagreeable or simply ignorant. RUSH is cited by many successful artists (many of whom are already Hall members) as a big musical influence. All of RUSH’s members are masters of their respective instruments and are recognized as such by their peers. There is plenty of evidence of their influence if you care to see it.

  21. RUSH mediocre? What are you smoking? Let’s see—Canadian Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, Songwriter’s Hall of Fame, a star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame, several JUNO awards, a Grammy nomination for Best Rock Instrumental, third in number of gold albums behind the Beatles and The Rolling Stones, and selling out arenas around the world for nearly 40 years! If that doesn’t deserve a spot in the “Hall”. what does? You wanted some 70s? RUSH was riding high in 76-78–and still are. RUSH, Deep Purple, Heart, and Joan Jett are overdue–and I actually agree with you on Chicago–Chic was mainly a 2 hit wonder–and I know what NWA stands for –ni**az with attitudes–deal with it!

  22. Deep Purple? I’ve heard their stuff. It’s great. Rush is technical, but really great. I don’t get it.

    I admit I have no opinion on NWA or Public Enemy. My friend listen to rap way more than I ever did.

  23. “I am not an idiot.”? Really? just like a stupid person who insists “I’m not stupid!” which is usually proof of the proposition.
    Rush has influenced nothing?! Why bother to list the all the artists who’ve frequently cited them as major ones, from Vernon Reid to Les Claypool to Mike Portnoy, and virtually every musician in the Progressive Rock and Metal genres (Progressive Metal being virtually invented by Rush, btw.) Dislike them all you want, these ARE legitimate and popular genres within Rock and Roll.
    (as for influencing hair styles, Rush’s hair has always been so terrible that I doubt anyone ever tried to emulate them.)
    Now, to say Deep Purple are “best known for Smoke On the Water” implies they are not known for anything else, which is utterly absurd, as Hush, Highway Star, Space Truckin’, Woman from Tokyo, and Burn all continue to be Classic Rock radio staples. However, I agree that they shouldn’t be inducted, as least not before Rush and some others that you’ve mentioned, (but Sting? and Bon Jovi? are you serious?)
    I also agree this Hall of Fame has lost nearly all credibility, given so many of their previous inductees; neverthless, Rush’s inclusion would still be desirable as something of a milestone (for the Hall as much as for Rush), although their continued omission can also be regarded as a kind of honor, given the Hall’s biases and pettiness.
    “They were influenced by others.”?! this comment is so dumb as to leave me dumbfounded, since very obviously EVERY artist is influenced by others. What is considered is what is done with and added to those influences, and what significance they had on future artists. By these criteria Rush, I believe, has more than earned their place.
    Your final comment is just as true in the converse – You can dislike them, but that doesn’t mean they’re not influential.

  24. Joan Jett? Known more for her look and attitude than anything like a song, or even any soft of “influence” on future rockers. PUssy Riot has already been more deserving without ever being heard, based on attitude and look–and content.

    Out of this crop, Deep Purple deserves it more than any, being influential, innovative, and actually creative and prolific. Moreso since the death of Jon Lord, who made it safe to be a keyboard player in a hard rock band. Thanks for waiting until he was dead.

    Second would be Chic. Nile Rodgers did more for funk guitar, and guitar in general, than anyone since Eddie Hazel … or Eddie Van Halen. And let’s not even discuss The Man on bass. Next you’ll be telling me that P-Funk and Bootsy aren’t already in…

    Rush deserves for content, musical content, lyrical content, influence, and prolific, non-repetitive, non-derivative output. The exact opposite of Joan Jett… or “the boss” for that matter. Give me Chrissie Hynde and the Pretenders before JJ or Springsteen any day of the week… Song content…. influence… musical content, chords, melodies, emotional conveyance…

    Sure Styx, Journey, Cheap Trick, and Kansas might be second tier compared with the Bill Haley’s, Elvis Presley’s, but if you could collect vinyl, and loyal fans, and require people who can actually play an instrument who are part of the actual band, they’d be shoe-ins. Especially if they write their own songs.

  25. Roger, you may not be an idiot, but your comment about Rush influencing nothing more than long hair certainly is idiotic. I believe it’s well stated in the press that several recent inductees to the hall cite Rush as a major MUSICAL influence on them. You might want to study up a little bit before firing off crap like that so that you aren’t caught speaking like an idiot

  26. So, beside the fact that Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, and Neil Peart are almost universally accepted to be three of the most talent musicians in the industry, you could say that Rush is mediocre. But they’re not.

    I mean, it’s not like they’ve been together for close to forty years or anything. And they definitely didn’t just release their 20th studio album. They practically sell out all the shows on their tours, and they had to extend the Time Machine tour because it was so successful!

    And I’ve never met a drummer who doesn’t look up to Neil Peart.

    Those who say Rush is mediocre need to pick up a guitar and try to play ‘La Villa Strangiato’ … then tell me they’re mediocre.

  27. Maybe not an idiot, but extremely misinformed, biased, lacking in perspective and certainly, context, enamored with pop drivel, and just plain ignorant. It’s not about the number of records sold (One Direction, anyone? Menudo? Nickleback?), it’s about longevity, influence on other artists (many already in the HOF), intricate musicianship (fluid chord and key changes, odd meters.. from a THREE PIECE band!), interesting subject matter, and of course, a loyal fan base spanning generations.. all of these aspect define Rush. Hmm,, on second thought, you are an idiot.

  28. Haha, too funny. The guy criticizes Rush and Deep Purple as mediocre, then lists off Bon Jovi, Chicago and Hall & Oates and Carly Simon as more suitable inductees. I should have stopped reading right there.

  29. Rush has influenced nothing musically? Really? Nothing? Going beyond the noted accomplishments of this band, the individual instrumental accomplishments of Lee, Lifeson and Peart have been noted as influential and inspirational by so many major artists across the rock spectrum it might be easier to name those who haven’t been touched. I love rock and have many, many favorites and so am not overly partial to Rush, but I know an overwhelming and enduring talent when I hear one. Your comment is ridiculous and indicates either an unfounded bias against Rush or gross stupidity regarding rock music.

  30. Roger –

    I dont know who are you – but you are either 8 years old or 75 years old. Rush should have and could have been nominated for the work they did just in the 80s – just in the 90s – or just in the last 10 years. The most recent Clockwork Angels album alone is better than most of the bands output that have been placed into the Hall of Fame in the last few years.

    Dude – I am not going to call you an idiot – but either grow up or shut down your blog – Rush belonged in the HOF 10 years ago


  31. Well, Metallica, Primus, The Smashing Pumpkins, Dream Theater have all cited Rush as being an influence…

    And really, Zeppelin is only known for ‘Stairway’; they shouldn’t be there either.

  32. Hairstyles. Really? Also – who wasn’t influenced by others before their time? Also Roger, can you explain why so many bands that exerted almost zero influence on rock, whose members are mostly dead, but were maybe “cool” at one point and sold a few records during their entire three LP careers, got in there first? Come on. You just don’t like Rush, for whatever reason, and probably not Deep Purple either, but in any event you certainly underestimate Rush’s DOCUMENTED influence, longevity, musical brilliance (some would add lyrical – not me BTW – though a nice touch), sheer physical tenacity/focus, and pure instrumental awesomeness. All three members! SHAME on you. Musically illiterate snob.

  33. As a musician, who actually plays an instrument, your opinion on Rush and Deep Purple is highly illogical. Two great bands one of which, Rush, continues to make great albums and influenced me and many other friends who are also musicians. I’m thankful they could care less about articles like this and could care less about the “Rock and Roll”, I use the term loosely, I mean Madonna come on, Hall of Shame. Rush and Deep Purple are rock not pop.

  34. Rodger seriously? Rush and Deep Purple not worthy? You obviously know nothing about music. Rush still sells tons of records and fills large arenas. Maybe you should take up a job as a Substitute referee for the NFL,because you know as much about music as they do football.

  35. If you don’t like Deep Purple and Rush I can understand that, but if you don’t know of the huge influence both acts have had on Rock music and Heavy Metal then that just shows a lack of knowledge on your part. There are musicians who have themselves been voted in to the hall that acknowledge having been influenced by both groups.

  36. Who is the moron that wrote this article? Deep Purple and Rush are two icons in Rock and Roll. The Eurythmics?? Cyndi Lauper??? George Clinton??????? You should be both embarrassed and ashamed for your moronic article. The Hall Of Fame should have been embarrassed a long time ago when they first allowed no-talent cRAPPERS into their establishment. cRAP is not music much less R&R. One could pick apart the list of R&R HOF members with ease and laugh at those actually allowed into what should be a high honor.

    First of all, no one influenced Rush as they have clearly gone their own path since day one and it is for that very reason they have been shunned by the hypocrites in the HOF committee. Deep Purple may have been influenced by others but also carved out a very unique sound and became a super group on their own merits. To put either of those bands down and even hint that they do not belong in the HOF is ignorance at its highest level. Now, lets just take a look at some of those who already in the Hall that can’t even shine the shoes of these two rock bands much less be in the Hall at all…

    (1) Beatie Boys… arguably the biggest joke of all
    (2) Elvis Costello – talented but marginal HOF material
    (3) Guns N Roses – a bunch of punks with one talented member (Slash)
    (4) Madonna – does talent get you in or popularity???? Madonna may
    belong in the HOF in time but not yet
    (5) Pretenders – hard to argue this is one of our greatest bands
    (6) Red Hot Chilli Peppers – I will never understand the popularity of these
    (7) Run DMC – simply not R&R and not that good either

    There are probably 5-10 oldies musicians that are either marginal or one hit wonders and a few I haven’t listed that probably belong in the HOF eventually but not as early as they got in.

    RUSH has arguably one of the top five R&R drummers and bass players of all time and while its hard to put Lifeson in top five guitarists he is a solid talent. Also, making the comment that Deep Purple is only known by “Smoke on the Water” is as stupid as saying Led Zeppelin is only known for “Stairway to Heaven.” It simply isn’t true and in fact a very ignorant evaluation.

    Not only does RUSH belong in the HOF but its a disgrace that only now are they just being considered. Far more puzzling to me than RUSH or Deep Purple being in the HOF is how this idiot Friedman is a writer much less and editor in chief of anything.

  37. “At least Nile Rodgers and Chic have had a worldwide influence with songs like “We Are Family” and “Good Times.”

    Ah yes, the well-known worldwide influence of “We Are Family” and “Good Times…” Seriously? Good Times was sampled quite a bit, but what “worldwide influence” are you talking about? These were throwaway Disco songs.

    I think these people are right. You are an idiot.

    As for Rush, you and I may not care for the music but here’s a short list of bands that have cited them as influences:

    Rage Against the Machine
    The Mars Volta
    Jane’s Addiction
    Trent Reznor
    Red Hot Chili Peppers
    …and dozens of others.

    While none of these bands may reach the enduring timelessness of “Good Times” or the artistic achievement that is “We Are Family” I think you’ll agree this band has had an influence.

  38. You’re kidding right??? How many bands already in the HOF have publicly stated how RUSH had directly influenced them…even in their induction speeches! Ask any rock drummer and they will all tell you that Neil Peart is one of the best at his craft and has influenced many, many current rock drummers.

    I don’t expect critics to be fans…but I do expect that if they are even remotely descent at their job, that they would appreciate what they have accomplished and how they have influenced other artists.

  39. I do, however, agree with Roger in that RUSH shouldn’t be inducted in the RRHOF. RUSH doesn’t belong in a piece of crap ‘hall of fame’ that has less to do with rock and roll and more to do with commercial success and personal tastes of a few more ignorant people. RUSH are too classy and are way too good for the RRHOF.

  40. Nope. Sorry Roger, you’re an idiot. No one EVER was interested in copying Rush’s sense of style, so I don’t know where that comment comes from. Again, you’ve missed the boat. It’s okay, you’re not alone. Many of your kind simply don’t get what a band like Rush has offered. Do yourself a favor and take a look at the documentary, “Beyond the Lighted Stage” for a small sample of their influence. Actually, on second thought, don’t. Ignorance is bliss for you guys.

  41. Actually, yes you are an idiot. Clearly you have no idea what rock ‘n roll is if you think the only thing that the band Rush influenced was long hair. This is one of the most highly respected groups of all time amongst their peers. Your ignorance regarding this topic is sadly embarrassing and so off-base that your opinion will never be considered simply because of your utter ignorance. Congratulations. You have officially been declared an idiot.

  42. RUSH is 100% deserving of being inducted into the RRHOF even though we as fans and the band itself could care less if they were or not. We know what RUSH contributed to the Rock n Roll industry and it speaks for itself!! 40 years of great music, well crafted and played to perfection by the same three most humble and regular Canadian Dudes. These are not eccentric and over the top Rock Stars, they are musicians…..AWESOME TALENTED MUSICIANS!!!!

  43. Hey Roger…you and your asinine opinion as to who should or should not belong in the RRHOF should be shoved up your proverbail a@@ – where the sun doesn’t shine just in case you need more clarification. Don’t comment about what you don’t understand and what you don’t understand is the influence, artistry and integrity of RUSH. Possibly the classiest act in rock and you choose to slam them. You – my little dweeb of a person who hides behind the keyboard – are ignorant. You should go back to listening to Nikki Minaj, One Direction, and any other over produced group meant to appease the mindless.

  44. To add, have you seen Beyond The Lighted Stage? Rush has influenced many bands, from Metallica, Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters and Nine Inch Nails. I guess they’re mediocre in your opinion as well.

  45. I love how you throw Rush in with Kansas and Styx. Rush are a complex, thought provoking band. But obviously your head is stuck in the mud so it’s like screaming at a brick wall.

  46. Roger did you write this article just to rile people up realizing the absurdity of the content? Each member of Rush is considered to be among the best at their respective instruments by their peers, and whether you admit it or not have also influenced numerous big name bands such as Metallica for example. You may not like them and have a personal preference against their sound, and that’s fine. But to say they are mediocre is wrong. Same with Deep Purple. I’m not a huge fan of Deep Purple, but they clearly belong in the Rock and Roll hall of fame.
    Rush has a huge following and is still filling arenas throughout the US and beyond. Peart is considered one of the best drummers in rock ever. Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson are always at or near the top on the bass and lead guitar on just about every poll you can dig up.
    Your article might represent your personal musical tastes but is not an objective look at these bands. It doesn’t represent what the general public thinks about these bands. Disclaimer: I am a Rush fan. (but remember not a big Deep Purple fan).

  47. Yes, the hall of fame is a joke it is the POP hall of fame with likes of Abba, Madonna in that isn’t rock and roll sorry no matter how many albums you sold.

    As far as Deep Purple goes any kid who picked up a guitar in 70’s and 80’s learned the rifs to Smoke on the Water they deserved to be in years ago. RUSH still sells out shows has 24 consecutive gold and platnium albums and theri current CD is one of their bests and they are still on tour never broke up and are great musicians. All three of their members should be in individually for their talents as well. Them not being nominated until 2012 when they have been eligible since 1998 is the real farce here. The hall of fame is a joke and has been because they don’t recognize the true pioneers and groups that influenced the rest of the groups. Even Metallica was wondering how they got in before RUSH and Deep Purple.

    All I can say it’s about time they both got nominated and hopefully voted in. And get a nice apology letter from the hall too.

  48. Unfortunately, you kinda are. Ian Gillan influenced just about every vocalist in the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal (thus Brad’s point), including arguably the best Heavy Metal frontman of all time (aside from Ronnie James Dio), Bruce Dickinson. Ritchie Blackmore – again to Brad’s point – just about single-handedly spawned an entire genre of “Bach and Roll”, classically influenced metal guitar players, led primarily by Michael Schenker and Yngwie Malmsteen. Deep Purple, before Smoke… became a cliche, was one of the first bands to combine the loud aggression of heavy metal with above-average (if not virtuoso) chops. Not well known, but Van Halen used to cover Rainbow (and occassionally Deep Purple) in their early days.

    Rush have been the main influence in the burgeoning Prog Metal genre, led primarily by Dream Theater, but others as well. Neil Peart is arguably the standard by which others are measured, having influenced the next generation of virtuoso players like Mike Portnoy and Mike Mangini. Geddy Lee was an influence on such widely recognized bass players as Steve Harris (also worthy of consideration for the Hall) and Billy Sheehan.

  49. Chic was a great band, but they did not record We Are Family. That was Sister Sledge. And research a band before you dismiss them. Deep Purple were in Guinness Book Of Records twice! Once for loudest concert and once for album sales. How many acts can claim that?

  50. I am not an idiot, but Forrest scored higher than You!!

    Rush has influenced nothing but long hair styles. ??? plus RHC, Primus, Krukus, Candlebox, Picipine tree, Metallica so on,,,, The wah wah bar, the drum solo, and playing the keyboard, bass pedals, & singing at the same time.

  51. It’s cute when a dork like you thinks you are the guardian of what is popular or influential. Crawl back behind your computer loser. Rush is going in!

  52. Roger, you ignorant slut. If you had bothered to watch the Rush documentary, you would know that Rush has influenced many, many musicians and bands, and for more than just their long hair. Just the fact they have had the same line-up for 38 years is reason for induction into the HOF. As a musician, I fully understand the depth and complexity of Rush’s music, something you seem to have no appreciation or ability to comprehend. The fact that their most recent work is one of the year’s best in rock is also a testament to their musicianship and longevity, but as you’ve probably not listened to it, you wouldn’t know that. I’ve always said that a love of Rush is a sort of intelligence test, and your article solidifies that belief in my mind.

  53. When asked who he would induct into the RRHOF if he could, here’s what Kirk Hammett of Metallica had to say . . . “In a perfect world, I would say Rush. They are one of the most consistent yet overlooked bands around. The amount of power and noise that they create out of just three musicians is really amazing. There’s no one like them. Rush is like a combination of a Phillip K. Dick novel and Cream (laughter). When they came out, they were in between Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, and us. THEY ARE SO INFLUENTIAL IN THE ROCK WORLD. I hope that the people who vote for this stuff get the band in there soon, because they deserve it. If they do get voted in someday, I would be interested in being the person actually inducting them that night (laughter).” (caps added so Mr. Friedman might take notice)

  54. Almost every band that i listen to sites rush as huuuuuge influences. Just because pat metheny or kenny g does not claim to be influenced by rush you think no one has been. You idijiot . You are nothing but a dump in the pants. Never mind just pissing up yoire leg that is all you are worthy of any way . C ya . Never.

  55. And which hairstyle did all the kids wear? They are masters of their instruments and great guys still doing great work 44 yrs after forming. Name one 20th album that made the top 10 on the charts from any other band.

  56. Roger, you don’t need to like Rush, but be a little more educated at least. If you are going to make the argument that Rush doesn’t belong because they are a “hair band”, then that is like saying Led Zeppelin doesn’t belong because they are a hair band. Or maybe that’s how you think of Zeppelin also? The fact is, Rush continues and continues to tour and sell out venues consistently, continues to release successful albums, and have influenced countless artists ranging from Smashing Pumpkins, Metallica, Foo FIghters, to every modern prog rock act out there. Hell, even Garth Brooks is a self-proclaimed Rush fan. Oh and if you ask every other hard rock band or musician, every one of them will tell you that Rush is long overdue for induction into the hall. I understand that Rush isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but they deserve to be in there. I don’t like Deep Purple by any means, but I acknowledge that they more than deserve to be in the hall as well.

  57. For influence listen to Rope by the Foo Fighters. Even Taylor Hawkins admits its a paradiddle rip off of Neil Peart. So even though Foo Fighters, Smashing Pumpkins,Metallica,Dave Navarro, Porcupine Tree and hundreds of other bands say they were heavily influenced by this band and shaped musically by them in an original way they mean nothing?


  58. Roger, Rush has influenced many, Tool, Smashing Pumpkins, Foo Fighters. Your assertion is without research or facts. Just another hack who has no idea the reach of Rush. Should I post some links of past inductees proclaiming their dismay that one of their INFLUENCES, Rush is not in the Hall?
    You clearly don’t have a clue

    The Hall is a joke. I hope Rush turns it down to thumb the nose at the whole thing.the same way they have done all their career with the loathsome record execs and format-radio yes men pretending to know what good music is. Doing so got them 20 Gold Records and a career of 40 years on…still selling out arenas and producing charting albums in the day and age of the one hit wonder. .

    Heart nominated now for 3rd time and not inducted yet. They are the major influence of women in Rock. Yet here they are nominating Joan Jett. .

    So sorry, Roger, not buying the ‘not an influencer’ BS with Rush.

  59. Rush’s influence on other bands isn’t a matter of opinion, Roger, it is a matter of FACT. If not an idiot, you are being willfully dense.

  60. Yes, Roger Friedman, you are very much an idiot perhaps you stopped listening to music sometime before Rush and Deep Purple began to make music and influence other artists. Please put your aluminum foil hat back on your head and return to your own world.

  61. Rush influenced no one??
    Nine inch Nails
    Smashing Pumpkins
    Dream Theater
    Pearl Jam

    Just to name a few..

    Your beloved Bon Jovi influenced such greats as firehouse and warrant
    I sometime wonder if people write these things just to get others worked up. As someone who’s spent a lifetime playing the drums and guitar I find this just silly

  62. Who have Rush influenced? Hm…

    Nine Inch Nails
    Billy Corgan
    Dream Theater
    Foo Fighters
    Rage Against the Machine
    Iron Maiden

    All these and more. Some of the biggest names in hard rock, metal, and progressive music. Plus they still have a reputation for putting out new quality albums while lesser bands from that era are content with playing their hits for a buck as a nostalgia act. While Deep Purple kind of fall into that latter category, their influence on hard rock is even more widespread than Rush, across several of their lineups.

    I agree that rap acts and disco acts aren’t rock. Duh. But I think its been clear for many years now that the RARHOF have really shifted more towards “pop music” in general, and to continue to complain about letting in non-rock artists is just silly and childish at this point. Just like complaining about the hall in any capacity is silly and childish, since there’s really no purpose to its existence and shouldn’t offend anyone depending on who they exclude.

  63. Deep Purple pretty much invented heavy metal, without them no metal. Rush is still relevant after almost 40 years, that’s amazing. They are still putting out new great music.

  64. Roger, this is an editorial piece and with that being said you are in the right to stand on your stage and speak what you think. The unfortunate part is that you state these opinions, angrily, as if they are fact. Don’t believe everything you think. It’s a dangerous habit for the frustrated and uptight.

  65. “Rush has influenced nothing but long hair styles.”

    Wow. Your ignorance deepens with each post, Roger. If I were you I’d stay clear of this so-called article of yours before you really humiliate yourself…if that’s even possible at this point in your career as an editor in chief.

  66. Roger
    You are by far the most ill informed opinionated journo that I have ever come to read
    You obviously don’t like the fact that Rush will be the band with the most consecutive platinum albums once clockwork angels spins its course and the new live album is released in 2013
    Whether your article was written to be protagonistic or you have a wicked sense of sarcasm, either way you are way off mark.
    As for Deep purple, I guess the majority of people on the planet that have ever listened to any music will have heard the eponymous smoke on the water, not sure we could say the same of Randy Newman
    Everyone is entitled to an opinion, unfortunately yours sucks

  67. When was the last time, the members of Rush wore long hair? 30 years ago?!?! I wouldn’t even call Geddy Lee’s hair long, now. But, I’m guessing you must have been in quite a hurry to get this uninformed, uneducated piece of crap out by deadline. I’m also guessing, you get paid in regard to page hits, so why not spark an uproar and get the passionate, intelligent fans of Rush (including myself) all worked up so they have no recourse but to read and comment on this worthless article. I will not be supporting any sponsors I see on this website.
    Rush, mediocre?!?! Really?!?! You have no credibility when you make comments like that. You don’t like them, you don’t like them. They’re not everyone’s cup of tea. But, to not see their true talent and call them mediocre, well, you should find another occupation. I’m glad I read this article for myself and not told about the contents by someone else. I would have thought Jann Wenner wrote this article himself. You can’t make this sh*t up!!

  68. Your article simply proves that even the Village Idiot is allowed to vomit publicly…perhaps you should inquire of James Hetfield, Billy Corgan, Dave Grohl, or Chris Cornell, as to what their opinion of Rush is, prior to your next bout…moron…clearly, you know nothing about music or musicianship…in 100 years, no one will even remember the names of shills like Bob Dylan or overachievers like Bruce Springsteen…but I guarantee they will still be studying Peart, Lifeson, and Lee…moron…

  69. Roger, I`m sorry to contradict you, but yes you are an idiot.

    Yes Deep Purple is best known for SOTW (like saying Led Zep is best known for Stairway) but that riff alone made thousands of kids pick up a guitar in the first place and trying to replicate it. If that`s not influancial than what is. Deep Purple were the biggest band in the world during the California Jam era. They were one of the first, if not the first big classic rock band to reunite after a lenghty break up, paving ways to numerous come back from other bands, wouldn’t you say that was influential.

    The real shame of it is it`s one year too late. It`s a shame that Jon Lord won`t be there if they ever get inducted. That Hall is a fucking joke and no ink should be wasted on them anymore. Rock n roll is beautiful, but these jerks don`t have a fucking clue about what is and what`s not. Pity.

  70. Mr. Friedman, You may not be an idiot, but you are misinformed. Rush and Deep Purple have influenced the majority of the hard rock/metal/progressive artists that are playing today. They certainly deserve to be inducted into the sham that is the rock-n-roll hall of fame. As a matter of fact; the rock-n-roll hall of fame is where your maligned comments should be directed. Their induction process has ignored some of the most important artists to date.

  71. I am not an idiot. Are you? Rush has influenced nothing but long hair styles. Deep Purple is best known for Smoke on the Water. They were influenced by others. You can like them but that doesn’t make them influencers of anything.

  72. Are you an Idiot?
    Rush and Deep Purple influenced entire genres of music. ENTIRE GENRES!!!!
    But, I agree with you that they don’t belong in the in the this garbage dump called the Hall of Fame. It’s not worthy of those artists.

    Maybe you should stick to TMZ envy and stop writing about things you know nothing about.


  73. Roger — I always enjoy your support for the Hall’s overlooked artists–and criticism of the many ridiculous nominees–but I think you’re way off base on Deep Purple. They belong in the Hall; their nomination is overdue, and hopefully will turn into an induction.

  74. Who let the gym teacher substitute for music appreciation?

    Rush mediocre? Really?

    If 24 Gold records and 14 Paltinum (3 multi) records meets your definition of being a mediocre rock band, if being third in most consecutive gold or platinum studio albums, surpassed only by the likes of The Beatles and The Rolling Stones is being mediocre, if being highly regarded as some of the best musicians on their respective instruments by people who actually know music (in other words other musicians) is being a mediocre band …

    … then I agree with you.

    Or, are the people that bought these gold and platinum albums, and their peers just idiots in your opinion?

    As for Deep Purple, you better hope the likes of Steve Lutherker of Toto, Slask of Guns n’ Roses, Lars Ulrich of Metallica, and Bon Jovi (one of your recommendations), just to name a few, does not read your sadly ill-informed opinion calling them mediocre as well.

  75. Roger, while I largely agree with you that the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is somewhat of a joke, there are at least a few nominees this year deserving of induction.

    Deep Purple and Rush, in spite of your classification as “mediocre,” are nevertheless two of the most beloved groups of the era and a major influence on both heavy metal in the 1980s and progressive rock in the 1990s. Both bands continue to make interesting and vital music. You’re always out of your element when discussing hard rock, Roger, but believe me — these two bands belong.

    As for Donna Summer, Public Enemy, NWA and Chic, please…not a single rocker among them. Yes to Albert King, as influential a blues artist to early rock ‘n’ roll as any. I’d give a “maybe” to Randy Newman, although he’ll probably get the nod. Ditto for Procol Harum, who had more than one hit but still fall short in my mind, as does Joan Jett, as much as I like her.

    The Meters, maybe, as an influence, but a big yes to Paul Butterfield, who helped bring the blues to white kids and gave the world Elvin Bishop and Michael Bloomfield. As for the rest of ’em…forget about it!

  76. What about the Grass Roots ? They had a ton of Top 20 hits – just see for yourself in Billboard. Sadly, their lead singer, Rob Grill, passed away a year or so ago.

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