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Is Lady Gaga really “Born this Way”? After a spectacular first week of sales, with almost 1.2 million copies of her CD and downloads sold, the second week shows a big fall off. “Born this Way” sold only 169,387 copies last week. That’s a drop of 85% from the first week. It’s important to remember that 440,000 of those first week sales were only for 99 cents. So the fall off is really less, I guess. But if we stick the official numbers, “Born this Way” is in swift decline.

Compare that to Adele, who “21” album was only off 4% last week. That album continues to sell and sell. One reason is that Adele’s album is strong all the way through. It’s unclear what kind of”legs” the Lady Gaga collection really has: so far it’s spawned just one real hit, the title track. The rest of the album is monotonous. Watching Anderson Cooper’s piece on “60 Minutes” this past Sunday didn’t help.

While Stefani Germanotta is confident and smart, she is also overbearing. The costumes. the pretense, the posing to be more Madonna than Madonna–it’s too much. Gaga believes more is more. This may play her out very quickly. She’s reinventing herself at the speed of ADD. Quite clearly, the songs don’t matter-it’s the statement, the look, the attitude. Her supporters argue that she sings and actually plays the piano and writes songs. But that’s getting lost. If sales drop again next week by huge numbers, Lady Gaga may have to lose the egg.

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  1. Once upon a time, music was an exciting thing. Hearing your favorite artist over the airwaves via your car radio left a lot to the imagination and was a background to your life. Along the way, the theatrical took over and MTV killed the radio star… Too bad, really…

    Music, is just so…. yesteryear…

    Even video games have become somewhat boring…

    What will our youth cling to? This New York manufactured Madonna-clone?

    I hope not…

    The King

  2. If you bought or listen to any of her “music”, then it is time to grow up musically. Repetitious familiar chord progressions mixed with trite lyrical content that even Amanda Black fans can understand is not only a waste of time, but is completely and utterly meaningless and disposable.

  3. Gaga is a no talent hack, who someone some time in the past who people respected as an authority on talent said, she had talent. And no one wants to go against the authority of this respected person just started parroting how great Gaga is.
    Sorry she is a no talent hack.

  4. The issue is that all of the LGBT-UVWXYZ123 crowd that Lady CaCa prostitutes herselft to has already purchased her CD. All the rest of us normal ppl aren’t attempting to validate her assumption that gays are “born that way;” BS, medical science has yet to prove that such is the case. Furthermore, from what I’ve read and have been told, the CD just isn’t good. Her gimmick is her only selling point now, let’s see how far she goes with that b4 it becomes stale and she has to (once again) reinvent herself to appease another audience base.

  5. I’m 68 and love most of her music. I saw the interview with Anderson and now think she is very approachable despite her garb. I don’t ever recall hateful msgs and comments for any men that have been over the top in the past. Most of the nasty comments are from men. Seems like a witchhunt to me. She studied classical music, writes most of her songs and has a terrific voice. Yes, she will have to reinvent herself, not oncommon when running a business, which is what she is doing. I think she is a genius. Gaga partnered with Virgin Mobile on her Monster Ball national tour offering premium VIP tickets to fans who volunteer their time to homeless youth organizations, which raised more than $80,000 in proceeds to support homeless youth, and generated 30,000 hours of community service for hundreds of charities across the country. Give her a break. She’s only 25!

  6. Lady(?) Gag Gag has some minimal talent. That talent alone doesn’t get her attention. So, she makes a spectacle of herself and embraces all that is vulgar, weird, ugly, and immoral…..along with huge numbers of so-called “artists”.

    They HAVE to make it a freak show or no one is interested.

    So…….what does that have to say about Americans who go “gaga” over this dreck entertainment??????

  7. My idea of talented singers is Anita Bryant, Connie Francis, in other words, all those really talented singers. Lady Gaga may look like a Devil’s Disciple, but she is definitely not my type.

  8. no – dream on H8ERS. she crashed the AMAZON server selling the entire album for only .99p > that’s why you have the drop – every one has the record via the torrent world now. GAGA was smart to “give it away” in advance.

  9. Lady Gaga sucks. But maybe, that’s the point. Just like Warhol, sell it to the masses. Tell THEM what art is, even if that means ripping off other artists as Gaga has. The story behind “Yellow Submarine” was that it was John Lennon’s way of proving to Paul McCartney that The Beatles could release “any piece of rubbish” and the public would by it b/c it was The Beatles.

    If she’s trying to portray herself as a talented ORIGINAL artist, then she’s a remarkable failure. But if it is an attempt to sway the public with what SHE KNOWS is marginal art, then she is actually an avant-garde genius.

  10. My God the “Middle American” public is about as smart as a bag of rocks.

    “Satanic Princess,” “Illuminatti,” “Undermine moral and family values?”

    Her music is pop music. The songs are usually very catchy, and there is not and really has never been anything that shocking about any of her songs. The “last days” type Christians went apeshite because of the song “Judas,” and that’s only because they are too dumb to understand what a “metaphor” means and are stuck in literalism.

    Her videos are weird, but it’s what we’ve come to expect from her. Frankly, I think she should “shock” us next time by showing up at an awards show completely normal, in a dress by Valentino, but that’s just my opinion.

    There are about 4 – 5 good songs on her latest album. Of course, I’m not sure who buys CDs anymore for any artist…….

  11. Some of her songs are good but I’m turned off by her weirdness.

    2NE1 will hit the US market soon and people will forget all about Gaga, these girls have style and class.

  12. Lady gaga is very talented and has a good voice. She embodies 1980s music and attitude. I do not believe she is origional. I have seen Kate Bush, Nina Hagen and David Bowie dress up to that extent. Her voice can be compared to Cher and Madonna. Her dance influence would be Prince and Madonna. She pulls together all the mentioned styles and brings back the 1980’s. She does go further. She is talented that she recreates and combines a Past generation.

  13. When the great Amy Winehouse releases her third album you will hear what REAL musical talent is – she is the greatest musical talent since The Beatles !! Lady gaga is just a clone of 1985 Madonna.

  14. She’s talented, but, I’m not sure just how talented.

    I believe that there are many thousands of American young ladies who can play the piano, sing and write songs just as capably as can Stefani.

    I will not tear Stefani down, however. I will credit her for being an excellent musician and a good singer.

  15. Lady Gaga is a stone cold shameful freak claiming to be so called art, not a dime of mine or my children’s dollars will EVER be spent to support her bizarre behavior or lifestyle. Freedom of expression and speech is a wonderful gift Americans enjoy, unfortunately Gaga spits and stomps on the gift; indeed she is national disgrace in every sense of the word. Her bankruptcy would be a blessing to be cherished……Madonna please take her with you to England permanently.

  16. May people are waking up that they should not be spending their money on such poor music and fake talent. Gaga is nothing more than a shock jock. What is she sayng in her songs? Not much. Save your money.

  17. thaks, well you destroyed my last comments, so I wont waste my time again. Besides, it just confirms what I said from the start, She is too ugly and far too stupid to last in the main stream for long

  18. No she is not a creation of the music industry, don’t be ignorant.

    She was at the Winter Dance Music festival walking around trying to gain exposure a few years ago, she wouldn’t have even went to that event if she was what you claim.

    Face it, she made a monumental first cd. Amazing pop songs so catchy and unique at the time. We were still on the slow and thuged out theme and she, along with rihanna, pitbull and gaetta changed all that and has brought us the second coming of “up tempo” “turbo pop” ah lets just call Neo-Disco.

    Born was half-azz, judas may be the worst thing recorded ever by someone not named Rebbeca Black, and edge of glory, well its good really, as is you and I, but they are not of the same quality as Just dance, paparazzi, poker face, and bad romance.

    Gaga forgot that it is the music first, to release a song like Judas and expect it to hit shows that she is not that same trendy, talented, and unique little New York girl.

  19. Thank-you. I have been saying what a loser she was righr from the start. I thought her name was short for Lady Gag a Maggot, `cause she makes me wanna puke. My O/H on the other hand is a huge fan, which really sucks because one of her many interesting qualities is a knowledge of fine music, also she spent years with a very well-known Harp player who was also the go-to gut in town for music history questions. You ask, Richard had the albums, pictures and stories to learn about Esquerita, or the Alabama Blind boys. Yet, sadly, she defends the no talent hacks the simon cowell types who don`t need longevity. They need turnover. And c`mon, really. If I had a dog that was that stupid (or ugly) I would do the humane thing and have them destroyed. Long live Keith and Mick.
    Have a nice day, .
    Kelly Searles

  20. Lady Gaga is a different person now. There was a certain innocence about her when I saw her in the Poker Face video. Now, she’s a little monster with bloody fangs. She’s a creepy little monster. She’s not cute or sexy anymore. I think she scared most of her fans away. She is still a good singer and dancer, but she needs to try a different image. She needs to do something different if she wants more people to like her.

  21. She’s another tool used to destroy the fantastic time of youth and twist it into ugly uselessness. Promoted by controllers whose goal is more than detouring money to themselves and away from valueable use by youth, and that is simply to block publicity deserved by real USA talent. Tool used to manipulate the “useful idiots” as the commies and socialists call us. Meaningful music and lyrics stay in our brains most of our lives, and when heard years later, connect us with emotional events in our lives. The banging of these puppets (including Madonna) isn’t intended to provide good memories. This tool can’t even spell. It’s GAG GAG, Stupe, not Gaga… and you are no Lady. Her promoters even want to destroy THAT name and concept. She’s just an ugly dumb tool. Go away. And, promoters, the jig is up. Young people need to demand better, they have the power to change a lot of things and not be lemmings to these people, and it looks like they are getting wise and not giving their precious pennies to these pied pipers. Congratulations.

  22. Lady G sold a ton of downloads for a ridiculously low price on the day the album was released via Amazon.

    Maybe her “shtick” is starting to wear thin on many fans after they realized that she was nothing original….(Madonna)

    Let’s face it, what we have here is a singer/songwriter/performer of average talent. Half of the waitresses in Nashville are better singer songwriters! …..Minus the flamboyance and over-the-top theatrics, she would never have gotten past the receptionist at a record company.

  23. Lady GG took Elton John’s show and made it evermore extravagant. Kinda Glam Rock means Pop. I get it…I’m too old to buy the stuff she creates but it has a niche. I hope all those tats aren’t real…They loose their glamor after 40.

  24. In a world already overloaded with phonies and pretenders comes Lady Gaga. Do people get the sham she is pulling on them? She is so ‘over the top’ for the money. She wants your money and will be bizarre as long as you give it to her. Sure, she can sing fairly well, but let’s be honest; take away the costumes and sexual allurement and you are left with a musical commoner. Dime a dozen vocalist. There are thousands of women that sing as well and even better than her and she knows that. So what do you do to stand out? She did not want to be known as a Madonna copy-cat so she pushed way past that to the bizarre. And millions are falling for it. She is the
    Oscar Wilde of a new generation. What we pay to listen to; what we buy for our pleasure; and what we choose and pay to watch says a lot about our moral fiber and personal integrity. Go away Lady Gaga.

  25. other than the fact she’s a very unattractive woman; i don’t understand the need to overshadow the music/talent in favor a persona; which has become predictable and thus dull. it’s commendable her songs have a message however that too is hidden in the mish mash of musical styles. what’s the rush putting on this album, unless there was a lack of material. I’m in my 40’s and like her music (spare me from further songs tho that mindlessly repeat some guys name) and my foster kids < 10yo love dancing to the beat.

  26. Lady G is a talentless, pop creation. her persona and costumes are carefully selected to ‘create’ about about her.

    Like I always say, tim will distill out the talent from the refuse. In 20 years will anyone be buying Lady G compilations? I don’t think so. I’m pretty sire people will still be interested in the Beatles, Chopin and Muddy Waters.

    Lady G? I don’t think so.

  27. Lady Gaga is a marketing genius. She came up thru the ranks and kept pushing the envelope resulting in a multi million dollar run. No bad. She will have to re-invent herself as time moves on. Its a moving target in this instant satisfaction world. She is still in her 20’s.

  28. Let’s see, Gaga or Aretha Franklin…hmmm, no, can’t do that to Aretha. How about we put Gaga in a bushel with Madonna and send them both to Afghanistan to “entertain” the troops? Uhhhh, no, forget it, couldn’t do that to the troops either. I know, I know, how about we send them to Chile, sink them in the mine those guys were trapped in, and close the thing up? Nope, couldn’t do that to the earth. Well, I give up. If it’s any consolation, like bugs, they’re annoying, but they have short life spans.

  29. What do people see in this horse-faced wierdo? Sure she can sing but the song content is crap along with her “wardrobe”. Ignore her and she will go away.

  30. lady Goo Goo is a white trash, no talent, cheap hussey in expensive clothes. Why anyone watches this kind of gaudy show is beyond me!

  31. She’s definitely talented but is immature and needs guidance. LGG needs to decide whether she wants to be an artist or a circus act. With proper management she can have a long career, otherwise she could soon be yesterday’s flavor.

  32. […] [via ShowBiz411] Is Lady Gaga really “Born this Way”? After a spectacular first week of sales, with almost 1.2 million copies of her CD and downloads sold, the second week shows a big fall off. “Born this Way” sold only 169,387 copies last week. That’s a drop of 85% from the first week. It’s important to remember that 440,000 of those first week sales were only for 99 cents. So the fall off is really less, I guess. But if we stick the official numbers, “Born this Way” is in swift decline. […]

  33. Common….she needs to get over herself and get real. She looks demonic. She’s playing to the audenience instead of being herself. She would do better if she would jjust be herself and perform from her heart instead of what she’s doing now.

  34. Who cares? Gaga sucks. She’s been a creation of the music industry all along. If it weren’t for the music industry aggressively creating the next best thing as opposed to signing talented bands that work their way up the hard way, artists would have staying power. Is it no surprise Gaga isn’t selling? She’s a commodity created and packaged to sell. She is not an artist. She’s the same as Ashley Simpson-a fake. And people, even the morons who might listen to her, are realizing that truth. The fact that she has to imitate Madonna, decades after her rise, is just pathetic.

  35. I am old. But Lady Gaga is very talented. It is a shame to see her talent wasted on political statements.

    There is more to life than politics… Lady… write about life, beauty, children, any number of corny everyday things could inspire you… stop being a statement and be a person.

    Use your talent. Make a new statement, be normal.

  36. Lady Gaga’ pageantry, costumes, make up and even set design make her feel unapproachable by the audience. When everyone else is walking the red carpet, talking to reporters, hugging and kissing their fellow musicians she shows up cloistered in an egg and carried past the crowd. She is unreachable. It is hard for an audience to connect with her in this way. Just my opinion.

  37. saying “CD” is a bit misleading, since those figures include CD, digital, vinyl, etc. Your article specifically mentions some 400+ thousand 99 cent downloads, obviously not CD.

    just sayin’

  38. Perhaps the sheeple are realizing that is crap. OR Obozo has taken so much away from the Libs who buy the crap that they have turned their money to actually feeding their kids and not Lady Dumb Dumb.

  39. I do agree, some of her talent is being lost. The success of this album will probably depend on how big a hit Edge of Glory turns out to be. If it can continue to grow on Radio and stays in the Top 10 for a couple months the album will continue to sell well. Third week sales will be crucial. A drop of 30% would be standard.

  40. I wish Gaga would drop all the weird outfits and ridiculous stunts. She is very pretty, sings great and dances great. I understand the stunts got her noticed, but she’s established now, they are no longer necessary. Just sing and dance! Let your incredible talent and great looks speak for you, not some ridiculous metal spiked hat!

  41. LG..is a souless, mindless, evil minion working on the behalf of Satan, she is the Mistress of Satan and her Mission is to Brainwash and shock and make acceptable to our young people especially our youth that being a Freak, a mindless, morally bankrupt person is acceptable. Her Mission is to take as many Souless, mindless, empty Lost people she can back to hell with her, especially our babies and little children who worship her and her nonsense evil, all the while she eats little children for breakfast! We are in the last days people! LG is not working for or lifting up Jesus! She is the Iluminati Princess, the ultmate manchurian candidate. She is a Freak Show, a Circus Act. Stop allowing her to control your mind and manipulate your thoughts and sense of what’s right and wrong, acceptable and not acceptable! She is unacceptable period!!!! Go back to the Core LG…Your not poisioning my kids! Your not taking them to hell with you! Get off the radar screen already, a mindless, pucid, disgusting untalented Lost soul-who sold it to Satan for perverse fame and fortune! God said choose blessings or curses, yee, this day from the sound of his voice and LG chose curses!!!

  42. This is the era of digital sales and shouldn’t surprise anyone. The days of records or CDs “selling out” in stores is a thing of the past. Now anyone who wants it just plunks now their buck or 10 at Amazon or iTunes and they get the track or album.

    The exact same thing happened to Japanese girl group AKB48 last week. They did an incredible 1.3M in sales for their single Everyday, which is insanely high for the any market, particularly the Japanese market but this week sales dropped significantly. Everyone who wanted it, was able to get it on release day.

  43. Her sales are dropping because her music is not as good as her first cds. They were fabulous, as were her performances. This cd is simply not good. Has nothing to do with costumes and such. Hope she does better on her next try.

  44. I am not a fan, haven’t been and will not ever be. I am tired of singers who can’t rely on talent,but rather rely on ridiculous costumes, and borderline pornographic lyrics, along with crappy attitudes.Not to mention when she sang on American Idol,her “dance” was almost x rated. I am not old, and there were some artists who, when I was younger I wouldn’t listen to any more than “Lady” Gaga.. For the record, I was never a Madonna fan either.

  45. Gaga is nothing but a slut, plain and simple. she prances as though she has a ‘body’, and she clearly does not. she tries, pathetically, to be something special, and she is not. Bye Bye Ga Ga!

  46. People are finally figuring out what she truly is? I like some of her stuff, tell her to stay away from the political/socialengineering crap to help the government/Obama, makes her a tool. I hope she uses her true talent and gets rid of all the mess she wears, it’s tiresome.

  47. Lady Gag-Gag belongs in Vegas, alongside Cher and the other gliettery side shows.
    No one can seriously call what she does music.
    If this generation can’t do better than this, it should be ashamed.

  48. She sucks, her music sucks and the critics who pump her up suck. She is nothing but a symbol of the cultural garbage that has overtaken America with the tats, the tweets, the STDs, the wiggers, the cRappers, the unmarried mothers, the same morons who kiss gaga’s rear brought us Obama.

  49. Her ploy to use gays is failing like Obama’s ploy to end wars ended his running spree.

    Lady Gaga, your junk CD only sold alot because of it’s price. Not because of it’s content.

    People see through you Stephanie as they see through the industry.

    Freedom and truth always prevail you Monarch.

  50. GAGA’s primary demographic is the sodomites. It’ll make it easy to spot a sodomite by owning her music…when the cultural revolution begins in the next couple of weeks.

  51. Well this should help soften the blow a little bit for next month when all she hears from people is, “Hey, waitress!”

  52. Frankly, I find her to be a vulgar gimmick act. She sets my teeth on edge. . I’m not supprised sher day in the sun is slipping away.

  53. Good! I hope she goes broke! She is a disgusting piece of cr@p. The youth (and adults) have been so corrupted by this sort of sh!t and her ilk, I hope the public eggs her, tars and feathers her, and then draws and quarters her for good measure. This world and nation needs to get some brass and run this filth off the planet.

  54. Wow. Really? Whoda thunk….. She’s pathetic. None of the friends of my children can stand her. I’m not surprised. They obviously don’t like what they see/hear in Lady Gaga. She’s quickly losing her supporters with her bizarre and idiotic antics.

  55. I understand her musical talents, but it is all for naught…..with her lifestyle choices, and her efforts to undermine the moral family unit. I will no longer subsidize anyone that attacks my family and our beliefs.

  56. well, maybe the people who want her music have bought. The days of people buying music simply because it is put on a disk, and then decide if they like it, are from before we knew what a bunch of anti-American slime hollywood pigs are! What a bunch of two faced, drugged out, evil greedy selfish uncaring vermin who are fine with the destruction of the nation that made them filthy rich beyond the dreams of anyone. Children with parent not too concerned with the country, economy, patriotism or their own child allow the kids to buy music. But in these times, American parents are going to say to the kids- NO YOU DON’T NEED TO HELP TRAITOR PIGS! You can listen to my old music- it is paid for.

  57. People still buy CDs? With all the recycled dreck out there, you are still getting ripped off if you pirate them.

    Gaga is just the latest media sensation foisted on the dance-the-night-away crowd before they have to grow up and live real lives. In five years, she will relegated to the ash heap of pop culture.

  58. At almost 67 I like some of GaGa’s song, and think she has a good voice. But the extreme things she does, even though everyone knows it just a gimmick, are a little too much.

  59. I suppose one could say “She ONLY sold a million albums.” But in an earlier age, that would be called a HUGE accomplishment. Not sure if “platinum album” applies to downloads, though. Still. Cut some slack!

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  61. What is the point of this stupid article? The album already went platinum. Why are last week’s sales figures of 169,387 published like it’s a disappointment? That’s enough copies to give one to everybody in a decent sized town. I’m sure Lady Gaga was crying all the way to the bank over that!

  62. I know many parents and grandparents who wish this creep would drop off the face of the earth. She is not a positive influence on teens. It was sickening to see her on American Idol. She is NO idol, people!!

  63. Sales are down because the first group of people who rushed to buy it realized it was crap and warned their friends.

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