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Sean Combs, aka P Diddy et al, really likes acting, maybe more than rapping, making records, and selling vodka. He had such a good time guest starring on “Hawaii 5-0” last night that he’s sent out a bunch of unusual Tweets to his followers.  In his latest he wrote: “ATTN all independent film directors+producers-if im blessed to be in ur film ill donate my pay to charity+bring soulfood to set 4 everyone!!” But that’s not all: “For all acting inquiries pls contact my agents at CAA-Nick Styne @tricky44 and David Bugliari.” There was even this one: “I take direction well. I’m always on time. I don’t come with a entourage! and I know how to play my position! No EGO! I wanna work! Hire me!”
and this one:
“Attention all Film directors, casting agents, producers, writers! I am a aspiring actor for Hire! Pls call me if you have a job 4 me! 4real”
So, he’s a nice boy and he needs a break. Can’t someone help him? Indie filmmakers take note: he’ll donate his pay to charity! (Note: you should donate the pay, and take the tax deduction.) Combs has 3.6 million Twitter followers, so he should get some bites!

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  1. Id like to see him on a TV show full time. Something like Breakout Kings on A&E would suit him well. Police procedural with a twist. And being on cable 13 episodes would mean it would take half the year to film.

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