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Not all casting announcements work out. And it’s no one’s fault. Just didn’t click for different reasons.

Jennifer Aniston is not going to make “The Comedian” with Robert DeNiro, directed by Taylor Hackford. I heard this last night, and Tweeted it today once I confirmed it. The movie starts shooting next month. Hackford, one of our best directors, will bring in a successor to play opposite De Niro.

I’d love to see Sandra Bullock with De Niro. Or if Hackford wanted to get creative, someone like Annabella Sciorra would be very cool. No one asked me however! (Hey about Patricia Clarkson?) Producer Art Linson is very smart, and I’m sure it will all be resolved. Aniston goes on to greener pastures.

There’s talk that Christian Bale may not play Enzo Ferrari in Michael Mann’s biopic of the racing legend. I’m told that everything is fine however. Michael Mann has made some great movies, like “Heat” and “The Insider.” This combo sounded good on paper. We’ll wait and see.

Meantime. I’m hearing Josh Gad may be cast in “Marshall,” the movie directed by Reginald Hudlin and also starring Chadwick Boseman as a very young Thurgood Marshall. Paula Wagner is producing.

PS HBO’s gift suite at the Four Seasons Hotel was hopping this afternoon. Guests received products from Swiss Army Victorinox, Nautica, Solo Computer Bags, Boiron homeopathic products, and so on. There was also a whole private cafe! A lot of the people working there came out from New York. Of course.

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