Home Television Watch Trailer: “The Crown” Gets Real with Charles-Diana Scandals, Judi Dench Objects

“The Crown” is getting real. After seasons of adoration because the shows were set in the distant past, Peter Morgan’s acclaimed series is now under fire.

Dame Judi Dench is demanding that Netflix label the new seasons as fiction because they’re going to undermine the royal family. (It’s a little unclear why she’s even involved in this argument as most of her friends are in the series.)

But the 90s were a bad time for the Royals. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles were unpopular figures as Princess Diana publicly suffered. Every day provided a revelation. By the time Diana died, the Queen was at an all time low. So it’s going to be a nasty season for “The Crown” just as the world mourns the Queen in real time and has forgotten this miserable period.

The good news is that once Diana is gone, the Queen regained her status. Also, when “The Crown” first started with Claire Foy, it helped set the stage for her return. Ironic, no?

“The Crown” returns November 9th.

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