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Where in the world is Will Smith?

Sources say that days after the Oscar slap flap, Will was flown by his BFF, the Crown Prince of Dubai, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, aka “Fazza,” to the middle Eastern kingdom so he could cool out while his bad press burns like a California wildfire.

The 39 year old Fazza, as he is known, is a good looking 39 year old entrepreneur, sports man, and businessman. He was married off to a cousin in 2019 and now has a set of twins. When the babies were born, Smith sent custom made gifts to them. Fazza posted a picture of Will with the gifts to his Instagram account. The children call Smith Uncle Will, according to reports.

Smith has spent a lot of time with Fazza in Dubai. In 2021, Will shot his documentary, “The Best Shape of My Life,” there in Fazza’s private gym. That was the project where Will decided to shed his pandemic dad-bod and lose pounds in 20 weeks.

Will also brought his movie, “Suicide Squad,” to Dubai in 2016 for a Hollywood premiere. Most US movies do not get premieres in Dubai.

Smith and actor Tyrese have visited Fazza in Dubai together. It’s unclear whether Jada Pinkett Smith has gone to the Mid East paradise, or if Will went alone this time.

Fazza is very public on social media. His Faz3 Instagram account has 14 million followers. The top 3 listed on his page are Will Smith, Lindsay Logan, and Paris Hilton. The guy is popular!

Smith’s visits to Dubai have been chronicled extensively in Esquire’s MidEast website. He told them: “I came to Dubai about 15 years ago. I was crossing over to Mumbai. It was the first time that the Emirates Airline had the nonstop from Los Angeles. And so I stayed here a couple days, and it was absolutely amazing to me what the dream of Dubai was…

“There are just some places where they fit for you. Sometimes you just show up places, and you don’t know why, but it just agrees with you. Dubai dreams the way I dream. I’m completely at home, and I feel inspired, and I want to create, and I want to be a part of the ideas, and the bridge between the Middle East and America and the West. I just feel like my gifts would be particularly useful here. I want to be a part of it,” he said.

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