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Here’s a follow-up to the review of “And Just Like That” which I had to write at 5am since there were no press previews from HBO.

How much did “Sex and the City” telegraph from the first two episodes of this new season now that (SPOILER ALERT) Mr. Big is dead and Chris Noth has left the show?

The answer is, a lot. But one thing didn’t happen. Carrie and Big didn’t get a divorce. Back on July 15th the NY Post’s Page Six got hold of a page of a script and blasted an exclusive to that effect. That story didn’t age very well.

So what will happen? Just looking at the two episodes and pictures from the premiere party, we can surmise this: Big’s first wife, played by Bridget Moynihan, comes looking for money. Moynihan was a guest at the party, so it makes sense.

The odds are Big’s will and his shaky finances are a problem for Carrie, who will have to leave the 9 zillion dollar penthouse and return to her Greenwich Village apartment to start over. It was mentioned that she kept that apartment. She’s going to lose most of what she got. She’ll also reconnect with her old boyfriend, Aiden, played by John Corbett.

Miranda, played by Cynthia Nixon, is drinking. Is she headed to AA? She’s also headed to something with Chi, played by Sara Ramirez. As in real life, Nixon entered into a relationship with a female partner. So, too, I think, will Miranda. And that will be the end of Steve, played by David Eigenberg, who’s a regular on “Chicago PD” or “MD” or one of them. I was shocked Miranda and Sfeve were still together. She never really even liked him. And their kid, a 17 year old played by a 27 year old, he’s an issue, too. They let him have sleepovers with loud sex? It’s a new world, isn’t it?

So all that should take “Sex and the City” through 8 more episodes. Samantha is gone, and not coming back. She sent flowers to the funeral, but she’s not coming back to see how everyone is. She’s smart.

PS Let me know in a couple of weeks if any of this came true…

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