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Joni Mitchell remains at number 1 on iTunes with her 1971 album, “Blue.” And at number 6, the outtakes from “Blue” called “Blue 50.”

The 50 year old album tops newcomer Olivia Rodridgo with her “Sour” album and HER Music with her first actual album.

There’s a lot of irony there. Without Joni, Olivia and Gabi Wilson aka HER, wouldn’t exist.

The “Blue 50” has a song that fell through the cracks, called “Hunter,” which is fast becoming a new favorite. Here’s Joni performing it in 1970. She pulled it off “Blue” to make room for other songs because LPs could only have 20 minutes of material on each side. Now, of course, albums can be as long as you like digitally. Oh, for those innocent days!

PS The picture is c2021 Showbiz411 by me, with Roberta Flack, at Clive Davis’s pre-Grammy dinner in 2019. Joni’s actual first name is Roberta, too. Roberta Joan Anderson.

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