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The top 50 chart ending Thursday was pretty sad. Not much is selling, even through streaming.

Lady Gaga’s “Chromatica” took the number 1 spot for the second week in a row, but sales fell 76%. The total in week 1 was 275,000. The 2nd week was 65,000. Actual CDs and downloads came to just 25,000. This means the second wave of buyers didn’t care if they owned the music.

Run the Jewels “RTJ4” is now up to 63,000 total after 10 days. The total sales this past week were just 25,000 including streaming and iTunes. RTJ gave away a lot of free downloads on their website. They don’t count with the RIAA.

Otherwise, this past week was a snore. The biz needs a surprise. Bob Dylan comes this Friday. That means we’re counting on a release from a 79 year old. Not a good situation.

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