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Hard to say what the heck is going in Madonna’s new video for “Medellin.” It’s six minutes, forty seconds long and looks very expensive. It’s a slow, slow, song– I don’t know what dance clubs will do with it, except maybe speed it up. To me, this is like “Havana” as a senior social. The imagery is brilliantly filmed, but it also looks like stuff we’ve seen before. I don’t know why but the words Gogo Bordello came to mind. On You Tube one of the commenters said Maluma, her latest Spanish boy toy, has the face a guy who bullied you in school. Interesting.

Anyway, here’s “Medellin,” which has nothing to do with Medellin. I thought Madonna had spent all this time in Portugal. It would have been more interesting to see a Portugese-influenced song.

Madonna fans: Don’t you like what’s below better?

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