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Maureen Orth, who never understood the Michael Jackson saga, is at it again in Vanity Fair online in her Buzzfeedy “10 Things” column about the Michael Jackson documentary airing tomorrow night.  (I’m not linking to them. You can find it.) Orth’s ramblings are the same “Orthotics” she always invented.

The very first thing Orth and others should remember: Gavin Arvizo and his family LIED to a jury and a judge. Michael Jackson was acquitted of molesting Gavin and conspiring to kidnap his grifter family.

In “Leaving Neverland,” Wade Robson — who suddenly remember in 2013, four years after Michael’s death– that he’d been molested, keeps invoking the name “Gavin” as if he were another “victim” of Michael’s. He was not a victim. He was a liar.

I sat in a courtroom in Santa Maria, California for four and a half months in 2005. I listened to the Arvizo’s invent their story. I was there in that courtroom when a jury of 12 people declared Michael Jackson innocent of all charges. So here’s a note to Wade Robson: please stop using Gavin as one of your props. His mother told Tom Mesereau from the witness stand that she thought Michael Jackson was going to take her children away in a hot air balloon.

This was while she scamming welfare.

Number 6 on Orth’s list of things she insists you know about Michael Jackson is about pornographic material that was found at Neverland. Just for the record, something Orth cares not a bit about: Jackson was acquitted by that same jury of having pornographic material. I was also there at the Santa Maria courthouse when prosecutor Ron Zonen brought out a brown paper shopping bag full of that material and thumped it down in front of Wade Robson on the witness stand. Robson, in a very decisive defense of Jackson, went through the magazines with Zonen and found nothing amiss. Zonen, a very sharp prosecutor, was defeated in his effort.

Number 9 on Orth’s list has to do with two of the fathers in Jackson’s past who committed suicide– Evan Chandler and Dennis Robson. They had nothing to do with each other. Evan Chandler was the force behind his son, Jordan’s, case against Michael Jackson. He was the proponent. Once he realized there was money to be made from Jackson, he took custody of Jordan, separated him from his mother, and swore to cause massive harm financially and PR wise against Jackson. If there was a reason for Evan Chandler to commit suicide– and this was after Michael Jackson’s death– it might have been guilt.

As for Mr. Robson– it’s acknowledged in “Leaving Neverland” that he suffered from mental issues. His wife left him in Australia, and took her two small children to L.A. to pursue a Hollywood dream. Joy Robson even talks about her “separate relationship” with Michael. She is very much the architect of her own misery, and her husband’s. Michael had nothing to do with that. Joy Robson, I think, comes off much worse than almost anyone in “Leaving Neverland.”

One last thing: Orth, and others, have revived the spurious claims made by the former Neverland staff that was fired in 1995. They sold their stories then to the tabloids. Their testimony was thrown out. A bunch of them came back and testified in the 2005 trial. No one believed them then. I met Adrian McManus in the Santa Maria JC Penney during the trial. She was working at the jewelry counter. She was unbelievable then, but I see she’s managed to re-sell her old claims to new, gullible listeners.

More to come…

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