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It was Rachel Maddow’s week on MSNBC. After a shaky start on Monday in which she pretty much was tied with Sean Hannity at 9pm, Maddow went on to slay the Fox News rival.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, Maddow soared over 3 million total viewers. On Thursday she dipped a but still held Hannity’s feet to the fire.

We won’t know tonight’s ratings (Friday) til Monday. But Maddow won the week, the week of Acosta and so many other Trump disasters. Maddow’s numbers also dwarfed Fox News’s Laura Ingraham. Rachel Maddow: I’ll have what she’s having!

Maddow Thursday: 2,952,000
Hannity: 2,733,000

Maddow Wednesday: 3,188,000
Hannity: 2,884,000

Maddow Tuesday: 3,157,000
Hannity: 2818

Maddow Monday: 2,311.000
Hannity: 2,579,000

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