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Sara Gilbert is so nice and smart. She must wonder what’s going to happen next.

First she sets up the “Roseanne” reboot, it’s going to be a big hit. Then whamm-o, Roseanne tweets something racist about Valerie Jarrett and “Roseanne” goes up in flames.

That’s on ABC.

Over at CBS, Gilbert gets the idea for “The Talk,” a knock off of “The View,” but ok, with different women and her sensibility. Les Moonves adds Julie Chen, his wife, as the moderator, kills off two beloved soap operas, waits through really bad ratings. He also fires two of the original anchors, Holly Peete Robinson and Leah Remini, and drives Sharon Osbourne into a nervous breakdown.

But eventually “The Talk” takes off.

Now Moonves is in serious trouble, which could also mean an exit for Chen– after all, if this Moonves scandal gets worse, will she stay if he leaves? Or can she stay? Not likely. If that happens, Gilbert is out a moderator and a protector. Maybe the new head of CBS will bring back “As the World Turns.” Oy vey.

Gilbert did get “Roseanne” re-started as “The Conners.” What can she do with “The Talk” if Chen leaves? Re-boot that, too? As “The Yak Yak”?

Poor Sara.

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