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Lady Gaga is heading to the Lido. Her Bradley Cooper-directed Oscar hopeful “A Star is Born” will play the Venice Film Festival on August 31st.

This is a big roll of the dice for Warner Bros. But they’re hedging their bet. The movie will play out of competition, so it won’t have to deal with getting an award. A lot of other big fall releases will be in competition. Warners doesn’t need the headache of losing an award early in the season.

“A Star is Born” will then head to the Toronto Film Festival ten days later, and then on to its opening. There’s supposed to be a soundtrack album with new songs from Lady Gaga, as well. Will this be a bonanza or a bust? I think it’s destined to be a hit, with Gaga picking up an Oscar nomination. The pre-PR has certainly been laid like a foundation for a shiny new skyscraper.

Stay tuned…PS As for the music, Gaga has to get the record out before the Grammy deadline September 30th. The Grammys take place February 10th– imagine the hype if she performs the songs there, wins, then goes on to the Oscars. February 2019 will be Gaga month!

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