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Don’t forget the name Brian Schnuckel. He got an Emmy nomination for editing “Roseanne.” The episode was when Johnny Galecki returned as David, Darlene’s ex husband.

The only other Emmy nod for “Roseanne” went to Tony winner Laurie Metcalf as Roseanne’s sister Jackie. I’m surprised since Jackie hardly any air time. But Metcalf is beloved by the different Academies in acting.

Otherwise “Roseanne” got nothing– none of the actors, nothing for writing, and nothing for Roseanne herself (although she was never an Emmy attraction). Nothing for the Muslims Are Just Like Us episode, or the one where Roseanne physically attacked her granddaughter.

Roseanne’s Valerie Jarrett scandal really knocked the show out of the running. I doubt it will be much different next year for “The Conners” spin off.

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