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Donald Trump is boasting about his writing skills. He says he’s written many books. This is false, he’s used ghost writers always, most famously Tony Schwartz for “The Art of the Deal.”

Trump says the Fake News (he’s made up this rubric) likes to “pour” over his Tweets. He means “pore” over the Tweets. The pour he’s used to is pour liquid, to dispense.

Finally, the grammar is wrong in his Tweet and doesn’t track. It’s a mess. He would get an F in any grammar class. His whole long first sentence is a run on, and when it comes to the first comma, what follows is a mess. “…it should be noted…” etc cannot come there. He’s referring to himself, he’s priding himself, so it should be noted that “…I…” do something.

The President of the United States is illiterate. He’s a lot of other things, but this is sad. He has very poor writing skills, which is another example of a word that sounds like pore or pour. Maybe he can learn something since he hates poor people and is trying to torture them.

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