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Pop queen Pink is “Trauma”-tized for the second time in less than a year.

Pink’s album “Beautiful Trauma” was number 1 this week, eight months after its release in October 2017, when it was also number 1.

Of course, this is fake from beginning to end. The sales are derived from bundles with concert tickets. Fans didn’t order the album either time. They were sent it as part of the deal to see Pink live.

In October, she sold around 350,000 copies that way. The new release of tickets with albums included reaped 140,000 copies more or less.

Reality check: Charlie Puth’s “Voicenotes” sold 40,000 CDs and paid downloads to be number 2 on the regular chart. Since Pink has almost no streaming involved, she finished at number 2 on the chart that includes streaming. Post Malone was number 1.

We’re seeing this every few months with ticket bundles. Other acts have done it to get to number 1. It does show that live performance still gets people excited– with Pink it’s especially so because of her acrobatics. Well played !

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