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“Billions” returned on Showtime for its third season on Sunday night. I don’t know if the ratings were good or bad yet, and it almost doesn’t matter. I love it. A lot of people love it.

The first episode “Tie Goes to the Runner,” brought back the whole wonderful cast caught up in Wall Street, corporate and government intrigue.

But one thing is missing: awards. For some reason, “Billions” has not scored one Emmy or Golden Globe nomination and obviously, no wins.

In a perfect world, Paul Giamatti and Damien Lewis would each be nominated for Best Actor in a Drama. Maggie Siff and Malin Akerman would be nominated at least in Best Supporting Actress. Asia Kate Dillon would have run away with a Best Supporting Actor or Actress nomination (she/he is non binary). David Costabile would be up for Best Supporting Actor, so would Jeffrey DeMunn. The show itself would be up for Best Drama, with writing and directing nominations.

Really– how is it possible that two seasons have blown by without one crumb? If HBO produced “Billions,” well, please…

Maybe this year things will change. The show looks stronger than ever. (I’ve seen five episodes, they’re all great.) Jerry O’Connell has been added. among other things. But something is wrong in awards world. Let’s hope that changes this time around.

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