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“The Last Jedi” is a hit, don’t let the numbers fool you. Anyone would be happy with $473 million after 12 days.

But the newer “Star Wars” movie still running $177 million behind “The Force Awakens” on Day 12 of release.

The argument has been that school wasn’t out, and that the holiday hadn’t kicked in, and there wasn’t enough butter for the popcorn machines. Something like that.

But now, school has been totally out for several days. On the one hand, Christmas Day and Boxing Day– December 25th and 26th– showed big improvements around $27 million a day. But that’s still behind “Force Awakens.”

It could be that Disney knew this was going to happen, and that they’d leave a bunch of money on the sticky floor of theaters. Maybe they just couldn’t avoid it because of the calendar. I guess they hoped the Christmas week sales would make up for the loss before hand. But it may not work out that way.

In any case, “Last Jedi” remains a record breaker among all other films that have ever been released. And that’s big news.

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