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Led Zeppelin hasn’t been together for a long time, but their music lives on. One of their first singles, “The Immigrant Song,” is at number 45 on iTunes.


Well, “The Immigrant Song” is featured in “Thor: Raganorak,” still number 1 at the box office. And that’s prompted a new interest in the extreme rock single released in 1970.

In the last two weeks, according to Buzz Angle numbers, “The Immigrant Song” has been downloaded and streamed a total of 22,859 times.

It wasn’t like “Immigrant” wasn’t a hit already: it was selling (downloads) an average of 2,000 a week for about four or five months before October 30th when “Thor” was released. On March 31st, or some reason, sales jumped from 606 to over 7,000. They’ve ranged from 4,000 down to 1,200 since then, but have been consistently good all year. If “The Immigrant Song” were a blue chip stock, and you’d bought it in January, you’d be a millionaire now.

So far for 2017, the song has sold 205,000 copies (downloads and streams).

And Led Zeppelin tracks are very popular anyway. “Stairway to Heaven,” which the Zep recently won a copyright infringement case on, has had similar sales this year just without the sudden spike.

PS Thanks to readers Chris Ferrin and Michelle Breger for the tip.

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