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Warner Bros. and Chris Nolan can rest easy. “Dunkirk” made $19.8 million last night, aiming for a $55 million weekend. They’ve got a hit, and it’s poised for awards season.

The studio and the director were concerned a few nights ago at the movie’s New York premiere that they have a decent weekend. But frankly, there was no question of it. “Dunkirk” is already hailed as a masterpiece. Nolan, his below the line crew, and actor Mark Rylance are all headed for Oscar nominations.

For mid summer, we’ve got “Baby Driver,” and few other scattered potential nominees, and all of “Dunkirk.” That’s not so bad.

More box office to come…

PS Warner Bros. marketing and publicity are cooking on a high flame. After the “Wonder Woman” campaign and this one, they deserve a week at the beach!


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