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Megyn Kelly’s Sunday night news show was beaten once again by a rerun of  “60 Minutes”– literally twice as many viewers, and a rerun of Home Videos.

“Sunday” night or whatever it’s called is basically unwatchable. Cynthia McFadden and Harry Smith had good pieces, but they could be on “Dateline.” There is no compelling reason for “Sunday Night”. Kelly herself did a snore of a piece on a writer named J.D. Vance– who? Exactly. They are capturing the zeitgeist of home hospice.

Kelly has a terrible delivery. She is so far removed from what used to be considered the standard for this kind of TV hosting. She has no gravitas. Her sentences sound like they’re going to end in question marks. She seems out of her depth, and the show is basically a curio. But not enough of one to draw viewers. She should be on MSNBC doing what she does best: opinion TV.

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